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    Clean Up - Clean up : bags only at the moment

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  2. I will give you my first born for making this! AMAZING! I HATE bags all over the server. I was constantly running around collecting them and throwing them into a 1x1 I had for trash!! TY Sir.... you are a God among Men!
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    clean trees

  4. OK, I honestly don't get what the trees thing does, sorry! Does it just remove all the trees from the server?
  5. With trees, the following occurs:
    When they are removed, the server tries plant them back. If the server has more than 50 people, then hell begins. The server starts to hang and have to be restarted.
  6. Item counts would be very helpful too...foundations, standalone foundations...
    [DOUBLEPOST=1415217694][/DOUBLEPOST]Yeah I am getting the autospawn issue as well...LOL..
    Yes I saw the auto-spawn go nuts as well. Had to stop and restart server...still glad to clean up some of the items.
  7. It removes them yes.
    The problem atm is that Reneb removes all objects of the type TreeEntity and these actually also include the base objects (prefabs) so when the server tries to spawn a new tree it will pick one of the random prefabs but the problem is that the objects are gone which cause these problems. What would fix this problem is to modify the counter because the prefabs/base entities are always on the end of the list (there are 12 of them). So basically what you would want to do is to modify a couple of things:
    Line 46
    46    player:ChatMessage("Trees Count: " .. (UnityEngine.Object.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(global.TreeEntity._type).Length -1))After:
    46    player:ChatMessage("Trees Count: " .. (UnityEngine.Object.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(global.TreeEntity._type).Length -13))
    Line 114:
    for i=(trees.Length-1), 0, -1 doAfter:
    for i=(trees.Length-13), 0, -1 do
  8. thanks
  9. This is actually not caused by the amount of players that are online, check my previous post in this discussion regarding the problem (forgot to quote you there :p)
    No problem, we're all here to serve the community ;)
  10. can you add a way to do the bag cleanup slower or in cycles as to not lag out the server to a crash?
    I think you did it with the one on legacy and it worked perfect.
  11. You get server lag cleaning up bags? I cleaned 1487 bags yesterday w/o a skip. Hmmm..
  12. I'm sure I get that every 30 minutes had more then that after a week. and yes it did on a dedicated server....
  13. Strange. We try to run the command at least once every few hours. I hate the clutter, and like a smooth running server. *Shrug* Who knows, could be anything.
  14. when you clean trees does how does it choose which trees go? is it nearest to u is it entire forests while others are untouched is it latest spawn or?
  15. Nice, thanks!
    [DOUBLEPOST=1415451882][/DOUBLEPOST]I updated the cleanup and now i am getting console spammed
    [Oxide] 7:04 AM [Info] None: 0

    Over and over again...
    [DOUBLEPOST=1415452015][/DOUBLEPOST]Is this a debug trace statement?
    function PLUGIN:OnPlayerAttack(player,hitinfo)
    As soon as I commented out that method the spamming stopped. Might want to wrap that with a debug = true type of flag.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1415458383][/DOUBLEPOST]Having same issue as trees before when you cleanup animals :)

    Couldn't find prefab "autospawn/animals/bear"
    SpawnPopulation.Spawn: Couldn't create prefab as entity - autospawn/animals/bear
    Couldn't find prefab "autospawn/animals/wolf"
    SpawnPopulation.Spawn: Couldn't create prefab as entity - autospawn/animals/wolf
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  16. Having the Oxide spam error, same as Oh_G. Not sure how to fix this....
  17. Restart the server and don't remove all animals :)
  18. Simple restart worked for me.
    I got that console spam after removing half of the
  19. The error started for me as soon as I joined the server~ I didn't try to remove anything. I'll give the restart idea a shot though.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1415553796,1415499037][/DOUBLEPOST]Okay, so this plugin definitely isn't working for me. I didn't even try to use the plugin at all when the Oxide Spam Error started. I literally restarted the server after putting in this plugin, and about five minutes after I was sitting there doing nothing, not even looking at Rust, the spam started. So I restarted the server. When it came back up, the spam was gone, but lo and behold, about five minutes later, the spam restarted and continued until I stopped the server. I don't know what to do :(