LustyMap for Rust

In-game map and minimap GUI

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    Kayzor submitted a new resource:

    LustyMap - Ingame Map and Minimap

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  2. Leeter

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    awesome. installed! thanks. can we get a config to move where the minimap displays please?
  3. Хьюстон

    Хьюстон Scavenger

    How to turn off the mini-map?

    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

    minimap is making it impossible to use the F2 settings.
  5. Casper ;3

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    Remove the mini-map! Leave the ordinary!

    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

    Or simply make option in config to place it in topright corner
  7. Хьюстон

    Хьюстон Scavenger

    And it is better to remove the mini-map, it is absolutely superfluous. And here /map is what need!
  8. Zarathustra

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    If using the 'notifier' plugin you may have to make some modifications to its config. I removed all references to /map from my Notifier config in order to get this working. Also, a way for players to individually turn off the map would be excellent.
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  9. miRror

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    How me get map image with radtowns?
  10. KΛWEN

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    yeah plase add the left or right mode to put your map and the radtowns!
  11. maksiyshuk

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  12. KΛWEN

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  13. ȩ̛̗͔̗̘͙̬͢͜͞

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    I dont understand how you run the power shell scrip
  14. miRror

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    Code (Text):
     int mapsize = Convert.ToInt32(TerrainMeta.Size.x);
  15. ȩ̛̗͔̗̘͙̬͢͜͞

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    Welp, I added my own little code (probably the worst coding) to disable the minimap. If anyone else want the code, just add this into the cs (doesn't matter where really, it just gotta be in the "public class LustyMap : RustPlugin". type /mini ingame to disable it, and to enable it, click the >>> button on the top left. I don't know how to make it so that you can enable it by commands instead of GUI
    Code (Text):
            private void miniCmd(BasePlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            if (args == null || args.Length == 0)

  16. Kayzor

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    just off the top right of the minimap there should be a <<< button which shrinks the minimap, is this not working for you?
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    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

    I saw that. after i added th eenhanced minimap. Thats a nice feature. no need to change anything for me now.
  18. Kayzor

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    I gave it a test and get the same with your image (the location & names are correct), where did you get your original map image from? was it in jpeg format or did you have to convert it?
    If you can give me your map seed I can have another look.
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    I used the image from Generate Map | PlayRust HQ - Rust News, Server List, Map Generator & Map Gallery (I screenshot it and then cropped it in paint, just be careful when cropping so you keep the correct dimensions or the players location will not be calculated / displayed correctly).
  19. Kayzor

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    Kayzor updated LustyMap with a new update entry:


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  20. KΛWEN

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    I follow your steps splitting the image into 20x20 grid with and then changing the name and uploading to the host.

    The seed is 1752813, map size 7000 and the original photo from my servers IP the imple map works fine.