Sign Artist

Load custom images to signs from a remote URL

Total Downloads: 39,154 - First Release: Apr 29, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 19, 2018

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  1. Players abuse Sign Art ability, so adding a currency cost could provide a disincentive to spam

    [PluginReference] Plugin Economics;if (!rt.Economics) return false;
    var w = rt.Economics.CallHook("Withdraw", player.userID, (double)amount);
  2. /silt not working
    says added but doesn't appear
    using small sign or others.
    to other admins, does silt work on your server?
  3. yes it works fine, have u give permissions? here is a example:
    /silt "TEST 1 2 3" 30 #00FF00 #000000
  4. It said " You don't have permission to use images from the server's filesystem " even though I already permission all, why D:?
  5. do you have a linux server ???
  6. Yeah it's run on linux why?
  7. WHat error does it show in console after you try place picture ?

    I have the issue DllNotFoundException:
    running Ubuntu 16.04 - Pterodactyl Game panel
    Sign Artist
    All steps on this page i do with same result
  8. This is what I get:

    (21:12:26) | ArgumentException: A null reference or invalid value was found [GDI+ status: InvalidParameter]
  9. did you delete your data from signartist.. check the folders PLUGINS + CONFIG + DATA + LANGUAGE
    and reinstall plugin after server restart.. ?
  10. I've had it on multiple installations of my server. My server has pop now so not going to restart but it's always been the same, not sure if we can fix it from our end,just seems like the plugin itself
  11. Have the current version and sign artist plugin has been working fine for us for months. Now if I try to use sign artist, I get the message "Your image was added to the download queue!" then nothing happens. In RustAdmin, it will only state "SqliteException: Could not execute SQL statement."

    We have tried unloading, reloading Sign Artist, and nothing works.
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  12. Same here but I just barely moved this to a Linux box. Have now added gdiplus, etc. and will wait until the restart to see...

  13. The default settings in the config file might be the issue. I had to change max distance, downloads, and possibly a few others to non-zero values and remove and reload the plugin. Not sure if reloading is usually necessary but I had a pending stuck download.
  14. Server restart fixed it in my case (first time installing on this box).