Sign Artist

Load custom images to signs from a remote URL

Total Downloads: 39,154 - First Release: Apr 29, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 19, 2018

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  1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Sounds like you are either using a modified version of the file or it wasn't downloaded fully.
  2. However, I did not touch the .cs file because I do not know anything about it.
  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Then it would have had to been downloaded or uploaded to your server incompletely.
  4. I have download a new version to .cs file. It's ok, thank you.
  5. and how do i do thad ????
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    You quoted a really old post... See Using Permissions.
  7. its oxide.grant group admin signartist.url or oxide.grant user NAMEHERE signartist.url
  8. Can you give some exmaple how to write text on board. With white backgroun and black text? THX
  9. /silt "TEST TEST" 30 #000000 #FFFFFF
  10. I did download a pic with the /sil command. How long does it take til it appears on the sign?
  11. When my server auto restarts or if I manually restart it, I ALWAYS have to reinstall sign artist, because when they try to put up a photo it seems to just hang.

    Wulf or anyone else, know a workaround for this? Is it a permission or config issue that needs to be changed?

    This is the ONLY plugin that seems to be doing this for me, even deleted it entirely and reinstalled it, same bug.
  12. you dont have permission to load images form the srever's filesystem. how do i fix this?
    all permissions have been granted and i still get this error
    sil file:///D:\rust server\working server\Server\rustds\ServerImages\GunSign.jpg
  13. Where do the images get stored on linux systems? Or if they don't get stored somewhere, how i can remove the linking to a sign manually via files? o_O
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  14. The log is nice, but what would be nicer is DiscordMessages support. That way you could just have somebody click the links as they come up.
  15. Please where the images get stored? :/
  16. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Rust's sv.files.0.db.
  17. thank you very much
  18. Hello,

    why some images disappear on the wood panels after a restart of the server?

    The changes have been blocked
  19. Code:
    oxide.grant group admin signartist.file
  20. try loading images to imagur. i havent had a problem since i put all my images on there