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Load custom images to signs from a remote URL

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  1. Bombardir submitted a new resource:

    Custom Sign Image - Load custom images to signs from url or server storage.

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  2. how can you make it so all the players can use the /sil link?
  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Assign the permission to the default "player" usergroup.

    See the Overview for the correct permissions.
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  4. What dimensions does each sign use?
  5. Thanks a lot :D
  6. Idk rly :D
    You need to test it.
  7. Nice work, this is pretty cool :)
  8. Be careful right now. I have not added link check and upload timeout, so players can load 30GB files 0_o
    I will add this in next update
  9. I like the idea of permissions, not necessarily giving this to all players.
    Honestly, it would be nothing but porn everywhere.
  10. You can give it to VIPs ;)
  11. "you don't have the permission to use this command"

    off course i'm owner
  12. can you add players to groups in chat commands?
  13. Working :) thanks again :)
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  14. It's Oxide system, so request it to Oxide developers)
  15. Actually it's not about picture dimenstion, it's about aspect ratio for each picture.
    For example: Huge Sign about 11:2
  16. yeah why all is strech?

    Is it possible to know all ratio for each sign?
  17. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Chat commands are redundant. Just open the F1 console and type the console commands.
  18. Nobody know a solution to have a non strech image?

    I inserted image in png with 512x128 pixels but its always streched, i tried to reduce vertical resolution but its same problem, image stay streched
    [DOUBLEPOST=1430350870][/DOUBLEPOST]Sry i'm just a dumbass, bad redimentionned
  19. Amazing work, I was trying this without a plugin earlier after discovering the storage folder. This works brilliantly and gives me a lot ideas for cool stuff in the server.