Sign Artist

Load custom images to signs from a remote URL

Total Downloads: 39,154 - First Release: Apr 29, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 19, 2018

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  1. It work for me
  2. Yeah i figured it out. I have to match my picture dimensions with the sign dimensions and then it worked.

  3. How do you do this?
  4. Yes please. Love this plugin my server is role play and we use a lot of images. I will continue to be patient. If I say "please", will it happen sooner.?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1529255647][/DOUBLEPOST]So it's on the host side. Ok now I know. Thanks
  5. that is same issue at me
  6. i keep getting this error with the ''two sided hanging sign''
    Cant find a sign, make sure you are close enough or looking at one (something like that)
  7. I am having the same problem. But I tested this plugin on a home server (works fine) and my paid server with gameserver (where it doesn't work).
    If you are with or this is an issue on their side not a plugin problem. You may want to place a ticket to your provider. The more tickets to them maybe they will get a fix faster. This was from GameServer.

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  8. i have gameservers to
  9. Sign artist isn't working well for me.
    Smaller signs and frames get different resolutions than larger ones if the picture actually manages to load.
    When they don't load there is no error message or question mark on the sign.
    At the very least I want to increase the resolution of the smaller signs. Does anyone know anything that could help?
  10. singartist works again .. tnx to gameservers
  11. WOW! they fixed it 10 days later?? phwew.
  12. they add a plugin at server and with restart it fixed ;)
  13. Images just don't download for me. tried reinstalling but that didn't work. I've been trying to fix this in 18 hours total.
    Any suggestions?
  14. where is Your Server is installed?
  15. Images aren't downloading for me either. I can get one once in a while but more often than not it's just not happening. My server is installed on GameServerKings
  16. contact them about the problem
  17. That's odd! It should be fine, contact me on Discord: Renual#7394 and I'll help you out personally.
    If you're with Gameserverkings, feel free to hit me up on Discord: Renual#7394 and I'll personally help you out.
  18. @Mughisi this plugin is amazing and players have literally gotten hours of enjoyment from it. Great work.

    At no fault of the plugin, players creating unsavory pictures are tiring. I'd love to revoke their signage abilities. Unfortunately that proves challenging when you give the default group permission to use signartist. You can't just remove one person's permissions.

    Would it be possible to add a permission that overrides the other permissions like signartist.url and signartist.text, etc? For instance signartist.revoke. If you're in this group, all other permissions for signartist would not work.

    As a bonus, it'd be awesome if that permission also stopped players from interacting with signs altogether. For instance, you can't put images on signs or draw on them either. This would allow admins to give players a 'sign ban'.

    PS - A language message to show players in this group a message when they try to interact with signs would be awesome. "Your sign abilities have been restricted by the admn"

  19. Here is my problem. Logicservers is my hosting company. I have had sign images disappearing, but not all of them. Its been ramdiom. Would it be better to use a site like imgur or on my server? If I do my server, where would I put the images and how would I go about getting them on a sign?
  20. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Are you using multiple signs with the same image? If so, that is a Rust issue.