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Total Downloads: 629 - First Release: Sep 16, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 6, 2016

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  1. Guns were not blazing. The service simply stopped working and no support was given so I simply said I was gonna start AFK Gmod hours so I could buy SDonate .
  2. so u have to play gmod and still pay for sdonate ??????
  3. Yeah they make have 20 or 25 hrs in GMod to buy anything from Gmod store. Stupid. So I just Went AFK in a Server for a day.
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  4. Yeah, f0und that out in Oxide API. Thank you!
    Thank you!
  5. Websites been down all day? 502 Bad Gateway it says.
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  6. Yea. Sent a PM.
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  7. Will there be a fix soon for bad gateway?
  8. Yeah, any updates?
  9. See here. Give it a few days
  10. Sent an email. Will see what happens.
  11. Any update? Should I just switch plugins for donations? I'm starting to feel that this project has been forgotten unfortunately.
  12. No reply. I suggest doing it manually for the time being. Been kinda wondering about switching myself but I think I might do it manually for a bit.
  13. It's back up, sorry, server provider crapped out for unknown reason.
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  14. What's the exact command to have VIP auto granted? My VIP group is called "vip1". I have it set to do "o.usergroup add "{steamid}" vip1" and it isn't working upon purchase. What's the proper way to do this?
  15. do you pay for a month or? @Vitrify

    monthly or only one time?!
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  16. Website is showing as not secure, is it possible to fix this? @Vitrify
  17. Using an automated process, I mean you have to use a plugin like "uMod - Timed Permissions by LaserHydra" to autogrant a user your VIP kit for X days
  18. Thanks, I was able to figure this out. Just hoping Vitrify can fix the invalid security ticket now :) I love this plugin