Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

Total Downloads: 5,164 - First Release: Jun 22, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2018

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  1. This is awesome I love this copter, Thanks for keeping it up to date.
  2. So it turns out how to implement the box ... shame on me ... learn and study again. I'll have to spend a lot of time on the Oxide Wiki))))
    Thank you very much for the update!
    Now it remains to correct that the helicopter would fly like a helicopter .. =) Sideways, yuz. ))
    Moving to perfection))
    And then you can release the second plugin. On the plane)) Make a similar modelka and shit and sticks)) THAT would always be on the move.
    I even invented a mechanic. Example, with a certain coefficient, he will always try to go down (to simulate the attraction of the Earth "F"). Always have to hold W, that would be a move.

    Speed. (speed parameters, Tsec, acceleration factor, can be carried out in the configuration file)
    Speed range from X0 to X100 (for example).
    IF NOT W is pressed,
    THEN through Tsec "Speed" - 1.0 // For a period of time (Tsec), from the "Speed" -1.0 is subtracted. It so happens that the "Speed" constantly falls, if you do not press the gas.
    Cyclically, during the time Tsec, the current value of "и" is checked and subtracted -1.0.
    IF press W,
    The "Speed" increases by +1.0 // IF Shift + W, then + 1,0 * ("Acceleration Multiplier".
    Cruise control.
    It is possible to fix the gas, which is a button, so that when it is pressed, there is no decrease in speed and you can fly at a constant speed and without reducing the altitude.

    Control left-right, as in a helicopter. Only when cornering, set the aircraft model roll relative to the horizontal center line. It turns out that when you rotate it, it will be tilted towards turning. For example, at an angle of 15 degrees. In the future, some parameters can be adjusted, for greater realism of flight.

    Earth's attraction (F).
    IF NOT
    W is pressed,
    TH "Height" - "Decrease factor". //
    IF "Speed" = <40,
    THAT "Height" - ("Decrease coefficient" * 0, x where 0, x is this). // Constantly. The direction vector will be forward and downward.
    IF "Speed" => 40
    And the W button is pressed,
    The "Height" does not change. // Direction vector directly.
    // Here you can still simulate the Earth's gravity, the more, the more the attraction force is 9.80665 m / s2 =)
    But this is already a complication for the next update.

    Death of the Player or Aircraft.
    When the plane is fired and destroyed, or when the Player dies, it may show an explosion, the airplane disappears, and the Player falls down.
    If the plane dropped to the ground

    Refueling aircraft.
    Jet fuel "Fuel" for the aircraft, can be oil or low-quality fuel. On the model of the aircraft you will get to, there may be some amount of fuel (and any reagent, such as a powder for activation), which will burn for a certain period of time Tsec Y units (and the reagent will burn more slowly or if it is not in the container, the fuel burns faster than "Fuel" - (Y * 0.x), where 0.x is the fuel burning ratio without reagent).

    This is what quickly came to mind. Time is night and maybe I made a mistake here in logic. But the essence I think is clear)))
    Go to sleep. ))

    Thank you again for the helicopter update. Tomorrow I'll be testing.
  3. I just can not get enough of the update! Now it really can fly.
    This is the checkpoint version! Great version!
    About the face of all the Players of my server, I express my huge gratitude for the work done.
    How can I be rewarded financially for your labors?

    Very well done, that the box is locked too, and most importantly even the owner of the device can not get inside the luggage compartment. )) Cool. He does not have to worry about whether he has closed his luggage compartment or not. All is clear at once.

    But .. all the same, the ability to leave the cabin in the air is very necessary? Is it possible to finish and set the exit from the cab to another button that is not associated with the controls? This is especially useful for players who play solo (alone).
    I do not want to infringe on their capabilities. But now raids for them are becoming more difficult. Previously, they could use the helicopter as a platform in the air.
    If there is such an opportunity to set "exit from the cabin in the air" for example to the button installed in the configuration file, my Players would like that such a setting be.
  4. Can I add a cooling time?
  5. Like a Cooldown after it runs out of fuel? or a cooldown after someone makes one?
  6. I still think it's too early to do cooldown. Because in any case there is no permanence. Let's consider such situation, the gyrocopter disappears itself (and such unfortunately still happens), it is necessary to wait for a rollback? Until there is an exact binding to the World, there is no point in putting a rollback. Distribute the priorities correctly. It is necessary that the gyrocopter be attached to the World, that suddenly he would not be lost by himself. And then you can think about the rest. Otherwise it will add a headache to the administrators. Periodically, I have to restart the plugin, because the / copterdestroy command still does not work properly (stops working after a while)
  7. can you please write plainly exactly what i need to type in to allow all players to build a gyrocopter. grant user is not recognized . and by plainly i mean exactly what i need to type in exactly as it would be typed in . please and ty
  8. I have two suggestions. ))
    1) This helicopter needs a level of health. So that by shooting, not just killing the player, but the helicopter was destroyed. Now it turns out immortal? When the helicopter is destroyed, you can pour out the resources from the boxes to the ground.
    Only it is necessary that the life scale had its own, and not the seating for the pilot. Otherwise, too little (50 health).

    2) I propose a model of a patrol helicopter for a pilot and two crew members. For patrolling airspace and protecting the sky. ) It is necessary to deploy the passengers' seats by 90 degrees and install a searchlight in the tail.
    Then a barrel of water will be relevant, so that in flight to quench your thirst =)

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  9. yea ty i figured it out and for anyone else that cant here it is

    oxide.grant user "defaultgroup" "" change default group to the user name ir steam 64 id
  10. I can be wrong, but your advice will not help ... I checked. Does not work. Cause: Syntax error ...
    It will be right:
    o.grant user <Player name> - Give the right to build a player with a name <nick>
    o.grant group <Group Name> - Giving the right to build a gyrocopter to a group named <Group Name>
    Also, the angle brackets are not written to the command. For example, we have a Player named OuttaMyWay and a default group (which is the default group for players with auto-level 1).
    o.grant user OuttaMyWay - give the individual player the right to build
    o.grant group default - give the group the right to build
    o.grant user OuttaMyWay gyrocopter.* - Allow the Player to run any commands of the gyrocopter plugin
    o.grant group default gyrocopter.* - Allow group members to run any gyrocopter plugin commands
  11. worked for me
  12. Alas .. my result is different ... which is understandable

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  13. Is it possible to disable copter spawning in caves ? people can fly under map like this.
  14. Hello
    Maybe a stupid question but if i put /grant user (my name) after that do i just have to write permission so it's /grant user Bidoof permission or what is it that i have to put in my console ?
  15. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    See Using the Oxide permission system.
  16. So I have it added and it works fine but how do players know how to spawn them is there a way to have it state in chat? Only commands are known if u know the commands via the oxide page.. hope that makes sense.
  17. Probably you should already have some kind of periodic notification of the game world through chat messages or otherwise.
    There are a lot of plug-ins for displaying useful information for players in the HUD or chat or in the GUI menu
  18. I’m getting reports of the copter flying straight up and unable to descend. This has happened in the past on previous versions and I found a way around it by flying in a straight line and holding descend until it goes down then flying straight home as low as you can but now my players can’t even do that D8343B4F-7AAE-49D4-81E3-D299261098C4.png
  19. Roger, ill check the ground prox coding. it seems it may think the ground is underneath. which it why it would go up and up and
  20. Наполняя свой сервер, я постепенно открываю файлы плагинов которые у меня отложены в категории "на будущее". Там же я нахожу плагин
    Security Lights
    This is a great thing, to complement the Patrol Helicopter from the Garbage. I do not know, guys, how it will sound in your language, so let me not be executed. The administration of the forum will be further quoted: "Хламолёт", that in translation on my, it means an aircraft, such as a helicopter, made of shit and sticks.Lol ))))
    So, Colon Blow, look what I came up with in addition. After all, can I use the api plug-in Security Lights? For example, it will allow the solo player to fly without helpers, and the searchlight will search for a certain radius (search radius = flight altitude + X, where x is the additional radius of the search on the ground.) Otherwise, the flashlight can only see the Player standing by the helicopter. Authorization is not carried out in a cabinet, but in a combination lock. Then the lanterns will look for everyone except the pilot of the helicopter.
    How such an idea?

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