Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

Total Downloads: 5,164 - First Release: Jun 22, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2018

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    Gyrocopter - Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

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    [DOUBLEPOST=1498103849][/DOUBLEPOST]I know there will be some bugs with mass testing. Just reply to this support thread and ill work them out :)
    The initial release seem to work pretty good for our testers. I will be adding more options soon. anyone have any ideas that I can add, just let me know.
  3. lol this is funny. any way to having left/right click use bomb/net?
  4. sure if everyone wants it, I can add them in :)
    Plus you can always bind your keys for that too .
    Didn't want to make it tooo easy... lol give everyone a chance to get shot while typing.. lol

    Note: First big thing coming soon, is pilot cool down. if player lands or crashes a copter, they cannot fly another one during there cool down time. So they cant just land and reload and recharge.

    And this release the sprint cost is doubled what it was in video.. so using sprint is only for a "get away" type action.
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  5. this is badass nj testing in my server now.
  6. Sometimes it gets weird if you are already noclipping. did you try it without? it will put you in noclip mode.
    I am adding a menu that will popup for players when they get close to a copter soon as well. makes it easier.
  7. it registers and doesnt work, then works second time lol, from same angle as video
  8. ok, got to be the auto noclip function timing. it will disable copter if it doesn't see you are "flying" fast enough, I will add a delay for that in the next update.
  9. Charging is slow AF, battery drains fast AF, lol. Make a always full option for admins pls :D
    [DOUBLEPOST=1498105502][/DOUBLEPOST]how do i get rid of copter? lol
  10. yes, if you use the sprint it will drain super fast. currently uses 20 per tick, can be changed via config file.
    But you get approx. 10 minutes of flying at normal speed, cause a scrap built copter shouldn't really be flying fast anyhow.. lol
    I can add a config option to allow lvl2 auth admins to not use fuel ?

    but you can use /copter or /copterland to land copter and get off of it.
  11. i ran out of gas, crashed, blew up, and it wont spawn me another now...
    edit nvm
    [DOUBLEPOST=1498106267][/DOUBLEPOST]box position REALLY hampers view btw
  12. I thought about moving seat to the very front with box behind it?
  13. Glad to see this got accepted. Going to have fun this weekend!
  14. ooh man this sounds awesome!!! but dude, could you make the gyrocopter vurneable so people can shoot the gyro down for it to crash and drop its crates, or make it as a npc flies it and they have to shoot the npc down to get it to crash! would make it as an event on my server ;)
  15. dont work
  16. Hello, it is possible to buy Gyrocopter with example 1000 metal HQ and to lock it
  17. is it possible to make it so it auto grants noclip when they try and fly it and when it destroys it health or they get of it will remove noclip ?
  18. /CopterBuild seems to spawn the copter on top of me, glitching out between the seat almost every time (tried several different spots of terrain). Unable to fly when typing /copter facing the sign. Puts me in noclip, makes the breaking wood sound but copter or me never leave the ground.
    Config is default, I have both permissions, godmode disabled & not flying near any obstructions just incase. Any help would be appreciated, what an amazing plugin :) Thanks @Colon Blow