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Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

Total Downloads: 2,442 - First Release: Jun 22, 2017 - Last Update: Feb 14, 2018

5/5, 40 likes
  1. Colon Blow

    This is for FUN !!!!!
    Players can now fly there very own scrap built Gyrocopter in rust.
    Its made of junk and may fall apart at ANY time...but this is Rust Flight School baby !!!! Gear up and Die Like an Aviator today !!!!


    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use grant user <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use revoke user <name or steam id> <permission>.
    • gyrocopter.build (allows player to spawn gyrocopters)
    • gyrocopter.fly (allows player to fly any gyrocopter)
    • gyrocopter.unlimited (unlimited fuel to authorized fly players)
      Ex. grant user "colon blow" gyrocopter.fly
      Ex. revoke user "colon blow" gyrocopter.fly
      Ex. grant group moderator gyrocopter.build
    • /copterbuild (spawns fully built gyrocopter on players location)
    • /copterhelp (will list commands for player on screen)
    • /copterswag - this will give player a cool ingame shirt :)
    • /copterlockpaint - this will lock all paintings on copter.
    • /copterunlockpaint - this will unlock paintings.
    • /copterdestroy - this will destroy any of players OWN copters within a 10 ft radius.
    • /coptercount - this will return how many copters player has in the world.
    • New !!! /copterdropnet - this will drop the cargo net or raise it back up.
    To Spawn a Gyrocopter:
    Authorized Build player can type /copterbuild to spawn a copter on there current position, and then automount the copter.

    NEW !! if enabled, players will only be able to build 1 copter. they will have to destroy the old one to make a new one. Admins can set the default build amount via config file.

    To Fly a Gyrocopter:
    Authorized Fly players, go up to a non locked copter and sit in chair, then start engine by spinning the spinner wheel. This will bring you up to minimum flight level. To land, just spin the wheel again. And you will start landing procedure.

    Recharging Battery while flying:
    Gyrocopter works off a battery system. You get approx. 10 minutes of flight time on a full charge if pilot does not "sprint" The faster you go, the more battery you drain. You can recharge your copter by flying up to ANY power substation and getting close to it, copter will then start recharging.
    On screen indicator is visible while flying copter.
    Note: Substations are close to rad towns usually.. which can be dangerous !!

    Players death while flying:
    When a pilot is shot dead themselves, gyrocopter will autorotate to the ground.
    Pilot will die like a aviator !!!!

    Most Signage on copter is paintable.

    Locking the codelock will prevent other players from using your copter.
    (I will be adding more features for this)

    Default Config:

    Code (Text):
      "Deploy - Enable limited Gyrocopters per person : ": true,
      "Deploy - Limit of Copters players can build : ": 1,
      "Minimum Flight Altitude : ": 10.0,
      "Movement - Normal - Cost (normal speeed) : ": 5,
      "Movement - Sprint - Cost (fast speed) : ": 20,
      "Only the Builder (owner) of copter can lock paint job : ": true,
      "Recharge - Base Rate : ": 1,
      "Recharge - Bonus Substation Rate : ": 5,
      "Recharge - Range - From substation (must be higher than Min Altitude) : ": 12.0,
      "Speed - Normal Flight Speed is : ": 12.0,
      "Speed - Sprint Flight Speed is : ": 25.0
    Default Language file:
    Code (Text):
      "helptext1": "type /copterbuild to spawn a gyrocopter and automount it.",
      "helptext2": "type /copterlockpaint to lock copter paintjob and /copterunlockpaint to unlock",
      "helptext3": "use Spinner wheel while seated to start and stop flying copter.",
      "helptext4": "Rehcharge - land copter to recharge, hover over substation to fast charge.",
      "helptext5": "Locking codelock will prevent anyone from using copter (even owner).",
      "helptext6": "Once copter runs out of charge, it will autoland.",
      "notauthorized": "You don't have permission to do that !!",
      "cooldown": "Gyrocopter is still under cooldown, please try again later !!",
      "tellabouthelp": "type /copterhelp to see a list of commands !!",
      "notflyingcopter": "You are not piloting a gyrocopter !!",
      "landingcopter": "Gryocopter Landing Sequence started !!",
      "maxcopters": "You have reached the maximum allowed copters"

    In the Works :

    - Gyrocopters are not persistent, they will be destroyed on server reboots or plugin reloads. (soon this will be working fine)
    - Fixing landing on building with no permission's on TC.



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