Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

Total Downloads: 5,164 - First Release: Jun 22, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2018

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  1. Is it possible to use "Random Spawns" plugin and have them spawn in around the map?
  2. how can i change or remove bomb? I dont want it! Im trying to edit congif, and reload, then it goes back to default 250 and 2.0
  3. I managed to change the damage to 1 in the .cs file
  4. yeah, that worked. Thanks. Now they need to remove the respawn bug. If you get killed in gyrocopter, you respawn there.
  5. can you make a jetpack plugin , make it work on low grade or oil. if you run out of fuel in mid-air you will just drop to ground like a rock possible death.
  6. My players often get stuck in the air when they run out of charge
  7. can you split the unlimited by unlimited fuel permission and unlimited copters?
    now i want to give some players unlimited fuel but al have also unlimited copters
    the config with limit isnt working.//
  8. No one else players get stuck in the air when it runs out of charge?
    I see my players getting this too, and I don't think it has to do with this plugin because I already removed Gyrocopter
  9. Delete the if (input.wasjustpressed (butt.fire_third) us abomber (player); code
    Delete the if (input.wasjustpressed (butt.fire_third) us abomber (player); code
  10. Is there a way to destroy previous copter a person built, whenever they spawn a new one?
  11. Hey Colon is it possible to set coords to where i want the chopper to spawn?
  12. After renewing Oxide.Rust 2.0.3965, pressing the space bar will cause you to jump off the plane rather than rise
  13. Can confirm. Pressing space causes you to jump out of the gyro instead of going up.
  14. So no one else gets stuck in the air when the charge runs out?
  15. We are seeing this on our server too. Anything we can change to fix?
  16. can we fix the spacebar issue oh lord and savior Colon??
  17. yes please fix, also as an admin I would like to wipe all copters on the server even if I am not 10 ft away
  18. I have a bad memory and end up killing myself a couple times a day.
  19. пробел не работает не могу поднять вертолет
  20. Code:
                public void CopterInput(InputState input, BasePlayer player)
                    if (input == null || player == null) return;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.FORWARD)) moveforward = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.FORWARD)) moveforward = false;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.BACKWARD)) movebackward = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.BACKWARD)) movebackward = false;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.RIGHT)) rotright = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.RIGHT)) rotright = false;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.LEFT)) rotleft = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.LEFT)) rotleft = false;
                    if (input.IsDown(BUTTON.SPRINT)) throttleup = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.SPRINT)) throttleup = false;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.RELOAD)) moveup = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.RELOAD)) moveup = false;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.DUCK)) movedown = true;
                    if (input.WasJustReleased(BUTTON.DUCK)) movedown = false;
                    if (!engineon) return;
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.JUMP)) FindMoreDaBombs(player);
                    if (input.WasJustPressed(BUTTON.FIRE_THIRD)) UseDaBombs(player);
    Replace inside of CS file. Reload will raise copter, bombs will make person jump from chair. lol. Quick work around.