Allows players to fly there very own scrap build gyrocopter ingame

Total Downloads: 5,164 - First Release: Jun 22, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2018

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  1. roger ill check that out
  2. Colon Blow updated Gyrocopter with a new update entry:


  3. awesome job by the way my players are happy and I love you for adding console command.
  4. My button is set to jumping to change it I can not. Can I change the bomb reset button?
  5. Great !!

    Ill have to add a config option to change it.. It is the "FIRE_THIRD" Button, but I don't see that as a option to change it in Rust Input Options screen offhand.
  6. welp. copter works fine if i just spawned it and immediately "flies it". However, if i dismount and mount, it wont fly
  7. Correct, I noticed the bug with it moving down a little bit after attempting a second or so flight and getting stuck. not allowing flight. Ill work on that soon and get a fix.
  8. Colon Blow updated Gyrocopter with a new update entry:


  9. copterbuild console command is not working with guishop

                "Gyrocopter Test [Flying Machine]": {
                "buy": "1",
                "img": "",
                "cmd": ["copterbuild", "say $ bought a brand-new Gyrocopter keep an eye out in the sky."],
                "cooldown": "1",
                "sell": "0"
    i tried both "copterbuild $" and "copterbuild $"
  10. Yes ill get a updated console command to fix that soon.
  11. It would be great if u can add a small chest :D
  12. copter no longer recharges on the ground. bug or feature? :D
  13. yes, ill add some kind of loot chest to it :)

    hum. ill have to check that out.. it should recharge if you are over any kind of substation.
  14. Could you please add 1.) an option NOT to have a bomb 2.)be able to make it craftable with a configurable amount of materials required to build it. I want the people to buy the permission to "build" it and have to use different mats to "build" it. Those two and persistancey would be amaze-balls
  15. it recharges over substation, but not on the ground. i updated gyrocopter from v1.1.6 to v1.2.2 and with v1.1.6 and earlier the copter also recharges on the ground.
  16. Oh ok.. I wasn't thinking correctly.. While it is landed on the ground its not recharging.. ok. ill check that out and see what I did.. lol

    I have the console command better now as well. seems to work better with Server Rewards and other plugins better.
  17. Hi colon i just got this on one of my servers
    at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:get_transform ()
    at Oxide.Plugins.Gyrocopter+FuelControl.Recharge () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
    at Oxide.Plugins.Gyrocopter+FuelControl.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

    (Filename: Line: -1)
  18. Everytime I try to set the barrel bomb damage to 1, it resets back to 250. Please add an option to disable barrel bombs. I run a PVE server.

    I've also noticed a lot of my players would fly back to their base and try to land only to get stuck in the air and the only way down would be to fly a football field away, land, take off, stay low and fly a straight path to their home THEN they can land.
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