1. steameid64 is exactly what you need

    If you know where the file is supposed to go, you can create one by saving it into that folder. just name it using notepad or something users.cfg should make it a cfg file. Then enter all the information like you did in f1 console.... It's been a long time since I've done this, not sure if it works or not.

    ownerid "steamed" "name" "reason" << use the quotes and you should be fine.

    yep, he's right, youtube videos don't help. :)
  2. He has been told how to do it many times and I even offered to help him over skype so its up to him now on a side note anyone trying to run a server from a home PC is not serious unless they have the best dedicated PC out there and a fibre line to run it on
  3. :) correct sir
  4. Hehehe I realized that youtube videos don't help. I have two rust servers. One I'm renting and already have the owner/admin thing done but can't get any of the plugins to work....soo I tried making a server another way and now the plugins work but making myself owner/admin isn't. I'm going to try the command again with quotes this time. If it doesn't work I'll contact Resistance for skype. =) I really appreciate you guys helping me out!
  5. I'm crying tears of joy!! Thank you guys so very much!! ^=^ Using the quotes in the users.cfg file I made worked! <3
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  6. glad you were able to figure it out. :)
  7. i cant get admin on my localhost i have done ownerid 76561198203466904 jonsku255 and moderatorid 76561198203466904 jonsku255 but i cant get admin on my server.
  8. Have you tried doing it in console not the in-game console?
  9. I did not do it in game console. I did it in the server console.
  10. You cant add both as it will mess it up stop server delete both from users.cfg file then start and in console type
    ownerid 76561198203466904 "jonsku255" "Admin"
    now login to server
  11. I made myself owner of my server, but I am having issues with permissions?
    Ex:I wanted the call in the heli and it said I don't have permission to do that.
    Now I am super new to all of this I had a 1 day crash course and then I was left to figure everything out, so Im not sure if I did everything correctly.
    I have a host website, I installed my plug ins, and I modified some settings but Im not sure what else to do? I am also have issues with the vanish command as I have the plugin already.. lol I am a mess
  12. Wulf

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    Being admin is not the same as permissions with plugins. For permission info, see Using the Oxide permission system.
  13. yup Im looking there but I am still confused lol
  14. Read the overview of each plugin you have installed as some need a permission added to the admin group if you still cant understand I can help over skype
  15. Is it possible to "logout" or no longer be admin without a server reboot?
  16. in rcon type
    removeowner steamid64
    then server.writecfg
    then relog
  17. Awesome thanks!