1. Hello,
    I ve been trying to remove owner by doing this, Removeownerid 76561198039758609

    and this remove ownerid 76561198039758609
    still doesn't work is this maybe the wrong cmd ? or what
  2. removeowner <steamid>

    example: removeowner 76561198039758609
  3. Ezza, Go to users.cfg and delete it and restart cant be harder :)
  4. There is no need to restart to remove or add an ownerid. There is a Console command that should work fine, which will read and write to the cfg anyway.
    @athena01 You will need to disconnect from the server and reconnect for the change to happen.
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  5. Klapp Klapp
  6. hi there it wont connect me to the server even tho i have added all of the stuff could you pleas help me with this?
  7. removeowner steamid64 - Removes player as owner
    Always do the server.writecfg command after
    Then player must relog
  8. Hey everyone,
    I need help. I can't add myself as owner or admin. I've rented a server from GameServers for Rust, I've got my ftp client(FileZilla) working fine, I can see everything just fine, I can load Rust and connect to my server just fine also. That's where my luck stopped, my admin tool(Rusty) loads up, I've type in all the correct information.......I think...... even the little red light changes to green when I click connect but it doesn't say connected, just says not connected. The window prompt says its connecting, then success. I'm lost from there, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello, I tried the simple commands to make myself owner of my server but it is still not working. Help?
  10. Question, Are you renting a server from someplace like gameservers or is this on a local pc ?
    If it is a rented server log onto the server page, stop server and go into files/Server/My Server Identity/cfg.
    look for a file called users.cfg, Edit the file either on the server or download a copy and edit it in notepad.
    What you put in should look something like this.
    ownerid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "NAME" "admin"
    xx's are your steam 64 id and the name is your player name.
    Save the changes or if you downloaded a copy delete the original on the server and upload the one you just made.
    Restart the server and poof you should be admin.
    If the file named users.cfg isn't there make one in notepad named the same and upload it to that directory.
  11. in rcon type
    ownerid steamid64 "player name" "admin"
    then server.writecfg
    then relog if in game
    please dont post with all that when its not needed and is not the correct way of doing things
  12. Well if you would have read about his issue, he was having trouble doing it the simple way.
    I also had the same issue when first starting my server and had to do it the way i described first then the simple way worked.
    As for what i posted not being the correct way of doing things you are mistaken.
    What i posted does work and will work on just about any server so it is a correct way of doing things.
    Please do not be closed minded and check the facts before bashing someone trying to help someone else.
  13. I did read his post and he only said he tried the simple way it does not mean he done it the right way so you and him never done it the right way
  14. Just because it is not the way you do things does not mean another way is not also the right way.
    This is a forum to help people and should not be another place to have a different solution to a problem dismissed.
    Both our ways work, If someone cannot get one way working their is another.
    More information is always better.
    now enough on who is right or wrong and turn back to this persons issue.
  15. No i am not renting, i made a server in the free way. I've done the console command..do i restart the server again after doing the command?
    Would a screenshot of the console command help?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1527742269][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm sorry, I am new to this forum. I will go ahead and post a photo of the console command I did.

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  16. Type in F1 console:
    Ownerid "steamid" "name" "reason"
    Press enter
    Then type server.writecfg
    Then press enter again

    Logout and back in. Shouldn't need to restart server with self host or shared host.
  17. Umm I did what you suggested and still not being able to do auth level 2 things like spawn weapons, etc. =( .... unless the steamid is not suppose to be the 64 one.
  18. Also there is no file called users.cfg, i did try to make a file of that, to do what you recommended but still not working unless i did it wrong.
  19. the file is auto made so not sure why you dont have one unless you never built your files right and if you followed a video on youtube i can tell you none are right on there if you need help i give free help over skype