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    There is no rcon.login in Rust Experimental, so throw that logic out the door. Rust Experimental uses your Steam community ID/steamid64 for server authentication, so no login is needed. The authentication system is setup as auth levels, which are owner (2), moderator (1), and player (0).

    The first step is to setup your initial owner, which is generally yourself, so that you can access the commands in-game via the F1 console. The initial owner (and others if desired) can be set by using either the server console or an RCON tool such as Rusty. Keep in mind that after either of these steps, the target player will need to log out of the server and re-join for them to be recognized and set as admin.

    Local server console
    This method is the easiest and best if you host a server on your own machine! Simply use the below commands:
    ownerid <steamid> "player name" "reason"
    moderatorid <steamid> "player name" "reason"
    Note: Remember to use "server.writecfg" after entering any of the above commands!

    Rusty RCON administration tool
    This method requires a bit more work, but is useful if you are using a paid or remote server. To use this method, you'll need to have the Rusty RCON tool downloaded and extracted.

    First, you'll need to add the rcon.port and rcon.password parameters to your server's command-line if they aren't already set. The rcon.port may vary based on your host, so I'd suggest contacting them if you don't already have this set in the command-line. Generally it is one number above your normal server port.
    @echo off
    RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28015 +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.ip +rcon.password "changeme"
    Now start Rusty, click on the Settings tab, and enter your server details and password.

    Then click on the Rcon tab and then click on the "CONNECT" button.

    Now you can type the previously show commands above into the console.

    That should be it! You can verify if the owners/admin or moderators were set by looking in the users.cfg file under your config folder.
  2. Thank you for creating this!!! This I understand! I have rusty up and running. But for the code text am I typing this?

    ownerid <76561197982342838> "BIGWORM" "reason"
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    This should be enough:

    ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"

    You really don't even need quotations around the name, as it doesn't have any spaces or symbols, but it doesn't hurt to have them. Make sure to use server.writecfg after, which should give you confirmation as well.
  4. When I paste this into rusty, it doesnt say anything at all. Shouldnt it say something about level 2? Or does it only say that after you save the cfg?

    ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"

    EDIT: I see you now including all of this. to the code box...

    "First, you'll need to add the rcon.port and rcon.password command-line arguments to your startup script."

    What is that all about?
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    Scroll the code box, it's all there. You can't use Rusty without RCON being setup.
  6. This is where the disconnect between us is. I dont know understand where that code goes. Its just ""First, you'll need to add the rcon.port and rcon.password command-line arguments to your startup script."" with zero direction on where or what that script is.

    What is this script you talk of? Wulf, are you messing with me? Come on dude, its not funny man. I really am trying to understand this.
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    What do you use to start your server? If you are hosting locally, the only way you can configure your server is by using a startup script like what I posted. You can add that script using a text editor and saving it as .bat or .cmd. If you are paying for a host, you'll need to configure the command-line through them, either using their control panel if they provide one, or by contacting them. This is basic info that is provided in tutorials for setting up your server.
  8. My server is hosted by gameservers.com They have a control panel. Mine has this in the "config" area...

    With XXXX being my RCON PW which is in there, but I removed to paste as an example.

    So what do I need to do to mine please?
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    You don't need to change anything then, as you already have them set. Just connect with Rusty using your information from your command-line and the steps provided in the first post, and then enter the commands to add the admin/moderators.
  10. Thank you Wulf. I am and thats not working. This is what happenes in RUSTY.

    I paste this into RUSTYs RCON ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"

    And rusty doesnt say anything back to me.

    I pasted it three times.

    > ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"
    > ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"
    > ownerid 76561197982342838 "BIGWORM"

    But If I type this. I do get a response.

    > server.writecfg
    Config Saved

    So where is the confirmation for admin though?
  11. If you haven't setup your Rusty profile to connect through rcon do that first, it will look similar to this.

    Once you have this setup correctly you press the connect button and you'll see rusty connecting to your server.

    Once you're on this screen you just use the ownerid command ownerid 76561198112743227 "Mughisi" in my case and press enter twice.

    And that should be it, if it wouldn't remember you doing this after a server restart you'll need to follow these steps again and use "server.writecfg" after it.
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    There may not be any confirmation for ownerid, but you can check your users.cfg file in your config directory to see if it added it. I haven't used it in a long time, so I can't recall off the top of my head.
  13. Thats exactly what Im doing! But I thought I read it should confirm that I was made into admin, with some kind of level 2 note or something like that?

    Ok, I will check. Thank you very much for all of your help. Lets hope it works! thankyou!
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    I just tested, there is no confirmation.
  15. Press enter twice, it should say that it's an invalid command because Facepunch didn't handle the command's reply, but once you get the invalid command message after pressing enter twice you should be set as owner.
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    It only takes the initial enter for sending the command for me.
  17. Might be an issue with my server then xD Nevermind it :)

    But anyway it's stupid that it doesn't send a reply message, that would just be one extra line =(
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    Yeah... there's room for improvement for sure.
  19. We could just go crazy and create a plugin that captures the commands and handles them properly until they fix them xD
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    Except you then have to tell users how to install that, like the issue was with the version command. ;)