1. Thank you Wulf
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thanks!! Never met this kind of active developers :D
  4. What happens with lgsm, after trying to update, all the function scripts are simply deleted?
  5. Wulf

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    Feel free to check out our GitHub at Oxide · GitHub.
  6. I cant update it, when i update it it says it updates but when i try to join it says server update required, its says it already updated :/

    No update available:
    Current version: 2271976
    Available version: 2271976
    Rust Dedicated Server · AppID: 258550
  7. Wulf

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    Sounds like you installed and old Oxide build on top of the update.
  8. ok updating oxide again fixed it, thanks <3
  9. Is there any way of adding an admin or moderator? Thanks in advance
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  11. is there any code?
  12. If you clicked the linked Wulf gave you, you would see the code.
  13. Hi guys, I have a problem with sharing access to RUST server files/scripts on a dedicated server - I can't seem to get it to work properly.

    I have a dedicated server, I made an account, let's call it "rustserver" to handle server instalation/maintenance directly. The server is set up in its home dir. However I also have another person that I'd like to give admin access to the server files/scripts. I do not want to give him access to that "rustserver" account as I believe this is not the way how it should be done. So I created a group called, let's say, "rust-admins" and I assigned to that group the "rustserver" user and the user I created for that second admin, eg. "admin2". I made a symlink in admin2' home folder that points to the rust server directory inside rustserver's user home dir. Finally, I used chgrp command with -r flag to change the group ownership of all the server dirs/files to rust-admins.

    Now the problem is that the admin2 user can access server files, can edit them but cannot properly run LGSM scripts, like say "./rustserver monitor" - he gets the "server ownership issue" errors.

    Is there a way to make the server scripts properly executable for a group, not just a single user?
  14. Hey there,
    I just published a fix for the latest Rust update for LinuxGSM.
    @Wulf , some CentOS reports that Rust now works, but not Oxide.

    I tried a .cs plugin (Build.cs), and here is what happens after oxide.reload Build:

    Maybe Oxide needs an update now?

    Edit: Allright, nevermind, just found the answer here: Couldn't check for update to CSharpCompiler.exe
  15. Server is listening, but not accessible from a remote pc (firewall is allowing 28015-28017)
  16. What comand it was for automatic update when server start on "nano rustserver" ?
  17. Hello,
    Is it possible to write a command in the cron to check for Steam, Oxide and LGSM updates every hour? I would like to run a global.restart 60 before restarting the server.

    0 * * * * / home / rustserver / rustserver ul> / dev / null 2> & 1
    0 * * * * / home / rustserver / rustserver mu> / dev / null 2> & 1
    0 * * * * / home / rustserver / rustserver u> / dev / null 2> & 1

    And is it compatible with a monitor every 5 minutes?

    * / 5 * * * * / home / rustserver / rustserver m> / dev / null 2> & 1

    What will the monitor do if it sees the server OFF while an update is in progress?

    Ideally I would like to check Steam, Oxide and LGSM updates every hour.
    I do not know that it is the ideal order for that or the precise commands to issue a warning before in case of new update.

    Thanks for your help !
    I like LGSM ^^
  18. Recently moved to a dedicated running Ubuntu 18 LTS. It is up and running, but still some issues to resolve...

    Anyone running Magic Description on LGSM Rust? It does not seem to be pushing out the dynamic description. Could be some other issue as my static image, url and description are not getting populated either. I suspect I either entered them incorrectly or in the wrong file. Any tips to help resolve this welcome.

    Also trying to figure out the ports needed, as it seems to be a lot more than 28015, 208016 based on running ss.
  19. Wulf

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    Plugin issues are not OS-related. If you are having a problem with a plugin, please use its support thread.

    As far as ports go, they are identical to Windows. Default is 28015 and 28016.