1. I run mine weekly via crontab, usually around the time of the Server update on Thursdays. If i need to update oxide i do that manually.

    p.s. steam is same name.
  2. I'm trying to setup a dedicated server for myself and a few friends. I followed the thread "Setting up a Rust server with Linux and LGSM". I can start my server and connect to it locally if I leave the IP as "". If I change it to my external IP I can no longer connect to it with any internal IP or by using the external IP. I have this running on a separate machine. Here's the startup script I'm using . Here you will find my server.cfg file . This is mostly the default from what LGSM gives, but I changed the servername, rcon password, and seed. I've also tried changing the IP here and this is when I have problems.

    The ports have been forwarded on my router for the IP of the server hosting. To be thorough I tried both TCP and UDP and also tried both. Nothing has worked. I've had two people try connecting to it when it was set to my external IP and when it was set to "".

    Any help in getting this up and going would be appreciated.
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    Please either upload the scripts and configs here using the 'Upload a File' button or use the code tags, not on pastebin or another site.
  4. I've uploaded the files here. My apologies.

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    If your server is behind a network and router, you can't set the IP to your external IP, as it's not assigned to your machine. Is there a reason you need to set it to something other than default?
  6. the rust oxide linux link you provided says 404 not found
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  8. Guys,

    1) If you're experiencing a server shutdown, with just and incomplete log that shows no particular error, please come post your info here so that we can try solve this:
    RUST - Failing on some OVH machines. · Issue #1254 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM · GitHub

    2) Oxide installation will soon be built-in LGSM, making this tutorial way more simple, and zip-updater useless for that matter.
    Command: mods-install/update/remove by UltimateByte · Pull Request #1255 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM · GitHub
  9. New video to see new LGSM functions, such as Oxide install/update features, wipe command, and newer Rust issues handeling!

  10. Thanks @UltimateByte for the tutorials. I used them to setup my server.

    Just to brag a bit, I did manage to get it running on 1.6hz, 2gb ram, 10gb hdd. It is a small map (2500) and 25 player limit but no crashing, no lagging, high fps.

    I dumped rusty for rustadmin though. Much better. I think rusty is busted?

    Thanks man!
  11. First thank you @UltimateByte for the tutorial and the scripts. It was a breeze to set up my new rust-server with this tool.

    Despite that i have a question to the mods-install function... Is it just there to install oxide or does it also support the installation of plugins/mods? I struggled to find a way to install any other plugins like auto door and i wouldn't like to download them on my pc just to copy them over ssh to my server. That's just not a great workflow!
  12. just put the plugin .cs file inside of the oxide/plugins folder and reboot the server, it will load automatically and create a json config file (most do) in the oxide/data folder.

    I didnt see the last line of your message. Yeah doing it via ssh is a bit annoying but I just through the file on my host site host and wget it from there.

    Its turning me into an ssh wiz
  13. That's exactly the thing I wouldn't like to do. I would like to have a tool which downloads and updates the plugins for me. As far as I understood that was exactly the new feature of lgsm/rust but it seems only for installing&updating oxide for rust/hurtworld/7daystodie.

    So I probably have to write my own script for that purpose.
  14. Yeah thats what I thought as well but couldnt figure it out.

    I followed the instructions for the updater but for example my levelup remastered plugin didnt update automatically.

    Not sure if I missed the command to do it, I know there was a cron element to it to make it check.
  15. @buelldm Impressive. How much swap is set on your small cutie machine ?
    I've been using Rusty all the time and it's been working good enough for me, it's really up to user preference, that's why I'm also talking about other tools. It's true that I say "you will need Rusty to input commands", I should add an annotation "*or any other RCON tool".

    @deusprox First option. LGSM is nowhere near from supporting mods for mods. Especially, Oxide ones require login to the website, so that's a pain to implement, even more that supporting mods already was. Just see the work there is already Command: mods-install/update/remove by UltimateByte · Pull Request #1255 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM · GitHub

    I know of a dude that made a tool to keep mods updated though. Could try to find it back if you're interested.
  16. @UltimateByte As the whole lgsm is based on bash i hacked a short script which uses links from the oxide website to download the script. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to automatically find the newest version of a plugin to update the link. One just need to put in his user credentials into request1.

            curl -i -s \
                    -X POST \
                    -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
                    --data 'login=<username>&password=<password>' \
                    http://oxidemod.org/login/login \
            | tail -n +2 | head -n -2
            wget -c \
                    --content-disposition \
                    --directory-prefix=${PLUGINPATH} \
                    --header="Cookie: ${1}" \
    }Cookie=$(request1 | grep "ih_xfid_session" | cut -d' ' -f2 | head -c -2)
    x=$(request2 $Cookie $URL && echo 1 || echo 0)if [ $x -eq 1 ]; then
            echo "$URL" >> ${PLUGINPATH}/installedplugins.txt
            echo " Download successfull!"
            echo " Download failed!"
    It would be wonderful if you could find that dude's tool to update the plugins. Even if it doesn't work atm i maybe could find out why and hack around it! ;)
  17. @UltimateByte I didnt do anything special for my server, just rendering a small map and set the other settings low. I havent had more than 3 people on at once though.

    I have an issue now since the update the other day.

    I did a clean install using lgsm. Oxide is isntalled, the folder is there, I put in a plugin inside the plugins folder. But its not loading in game.

    I reset the server several times, checked the file location, made sure I was the right user. I checked the logs and it gave some error on line 42 of UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp

    But it also shows rcon and an IP address that is not mine. Says Rcon, the IP, then server.hostname, then my correct host name. Then repeats the error above.

    Game runs fine, people joined. But just plugin istn loading.
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    What plugin isn't loading?