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  1. What permissions does kits have? For when you use the "oxide.grant" command.
  2. read this
  3. Custom Permissions:
    when you created a kit or edited a kit do:
    /kit permission PERMISSIONNAME
    the permissionname can be a new permission or an existing permission.

    Normally I think you need to be an admin do the back end setup.
  4. Having the exact same issue. Please help someone.

    *Problem solved: wrong steam Id in the user cfg..* My bad..
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  5. In rcon you did something like this:
    ownerid 76561198068046723 mals
    and logged out and back in to pick up you are admin? That is my steam id and user name, use yours.

    Looking at the code you try these perhaps?
    o.grant user mals Kits.admin
    o.grant user mals Kits.ConsoleGive

    Where mals would be your user name. Or do it for the admin group:
    o.grant group admin Kits.admin
    o.grant group admin Kits.ConsoleGive
  6. There is no permission needed only auth level 2 unless you have a custom kit that has a permission set but to use the plugin auth 2 is only needed
    Go to your users file in your cfg folder open it with notepad++ and paste what info is in there to here
  7. Thank you :) It was my wrong set up that caused it. I was not admin cause wrong Steam Id... My bad. Thx for reply though!

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