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  1. @Kappasaurus I have a updated version that fixes a few problems if you want it reply to this post if any one else wants it reply as well
  2. changing entriesallowed = 10 to 14 crashed my server
  3. I did say untested best to leave it at 10 then
  4. Hello, i got a question! Im creating kit Weapons. But i want different types of items in it based on permission. For example: when vip group type /kit weapons he get one type of items, when group premium types /kit weapons he got different type of items. Any ideas how to do that?
  5. Please tell me how to install the complete set on the server by default? I saw it on other servers. When entering the server, the player appears immediately in clothes and with weapons. And not with a bare back (
  6. its called autokit see this post and if you want the fixed version of this plugin can pm it to you
  7. fixed version - whats up with this version ??
  8. All item ids are out of date that causes an error when using ImageLibrary plugin if you install the fixed version it does mean deleting the two files in the data folder and config folder kits file and remaking it all again
  9. Is someone can help me? :(
  10. Your answer is only a few posts up try looking
  11. I've been locking all pages yesterday, cant find any information. Found only autokits. But im just want normal kit. Can i ask for link please? :(
  12. As I said its a few posts up
  13. You mean this? Kits
  14. Yes it shows you how to make kits with permissions its what you need to do
  15. Ok. But it says autokit, which players will recieve on respawn. But im just want normal kit which u can manually redeem. Is it says there also? im so confused to be honest.
  16. You make a kit add a permission to it then add that permission to the custom groups the players in that group can get that kit
  17. Yes im made kit "Weapons", Added permission on that kit "", added a Assault rifle (for example). Added that permission in VIP group! OK! Done!
    Now i want to use same kit name "Weapons" but for group Premium, so they will get for example Full gear+assault rifle. I cant understand how to do /kit "items" on the same kit. its overwrite it. If i want to create another kit with the same name it says kit already exist.
    1. /kit add "Weapons"
    2. /kit items description "Weapons kit" permission weapons
    3. /kit add "Weapon"
    4. /kit items description " Premium Weapon Kit" permission weapon

    add item to yourself in game then copy line 1 then 2 remove all items add new items then copy line 3 then 4 paste each line in turn until both kits are made
  18. Right ok, so i need to change Kit name anyway. So u cant create 2 type of kits in one kit named "Weapons" ?
  19. Correct two kits or more cant have the same name