A plague has decimated the world's population, avoid others players to stay alive

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  1. Psi|ocybin updated Plagued with a new update entry:


    Hi, do you have server currently running this mod? I'd love to join and have some direct feedback from your community. This plugin is very hard to test since I need other players around to help me test.
  2. well. tbh i was adding it. for testing as we didnt tested this and as we have a low on players ATM .
    I add it right now again, as i had to remove it during the errors. but i doubt it that ppl will like that as we are playing on this run since more then 3 weeks and big clans was build...... haha someone even reported me today if i can look at that , why all of that group are dying .... Gonna delete DB now and add new version again
    lets see...
  3. Well do you think you could send me your server IP?
    By the way the issue with this error:

    [Oxide] 1:47 PM [Error] Sqlite handle raised an exception (SQLiteException: SQL logic error or missing database
    no such table: associations)
    Usually occurs when the database was deleted without the plugin being reloaded and the tables recreated.
  4. Psi|ocybin updated Plagued with a new update entry:


  5. Can you add a config setting to NOT increase affinity when near sleepers?

    We use your mod to enforce SOLO play on our server but because of the SOLOness of the server, it takes a long time to raid anyone. This means that players who offline raid other players start getting plagued due to the sleeper in the base.

    Awesome plugin by the way!
  6. Hi, absolutely!
    Do you think you could share your server's IP? I'd really like to play on a server and get direct feedback from the players!

    Thank you for the feedback!
  7. Psi|ocybin updated Plagued with a new update entry:


  8. Sure! The server is pretty new so our population is still low but at night we usually have around 10-15 players on a very small map. is the server ip (UK)

    What is the configuration setting to disable sleeper affinity?
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  9. I will be adding this plugin after tonights update to test it for a week before the forced wipe next week.

    Will be interesting to gauge players opinions, I floated the idea in the Facebook group and it was met with mixed feelings.


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  10. What is the configuration setting to disable sleeper affinity?
  11. Set "disableSleeperAffinity" to "true".

    "disableSleeperAffinity": true,
    Awesome I'll check your server out!
  12. Thanks, might want to add all the config commands to the plugin description page.
  13. FYI, the sleeper setting doesnt work
  14. Hi,

    I tested it and it does work, it stops players from gaining affinity on sleepers, however affinity will not decrease unless the player is alone.
    You need to set the setting to true and restart the server.

    If you want to make sure, you can always look at the affinity table in your database.

    If you were to give me your server address I could test it live with you.
  15. Hi

    This keeps popping up in my console:

    (12:35:35) | [Oxide] 12:37 [Error] Sqlite command callback raised an exception (ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary.)
    (12:35:35) | [Oxide] 12:37 [Debug]   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.UInt64,Oxide.Plugins.Plagued+PlayerState+Association].Add (UInt64 key, Oxide.Plugins.Association value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
      at Oxide.Plugins.Plagued+PlayerState+<increaseAssociateAffinity>c__AnonStorey1.<>m__0 (Oxide.Plugins.Association associationRef) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
      at Oxide.Plugins.Plagued+PlayerState+<createAssociation>c__AnonStorey3.<>m__0 (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 list) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  16. Hi,

    Did you delete your database in between the updates?
  17. Nope. I just replaced the plugin file from the download with the new version. Was I supposed to delete the db? If so, how do I do that?

    Also, players on the server are complaining that the sleeper setting is definitely not working. Server IP:
  18. Turn off the server.

    Deleter oxide\data\Plagued.db

    Start the server.

    Can you paste your config in the thread?
  19. Ok cool. I'll do that early tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  20. Ok I did as requested. I haven't had time to test it. Below is my CFG:

        "affinityDecRate": 1,
        "affinityIncRate": 10,
        "maxKin": 0,
        "maxKinChanges": 0,
        "plagueDecreaseRate": 1,
        "plagueIncreaseRate": 5,
        "plagueMinAffinity": 2500,
        "plagueRange": 20,
        "disableSleeperAffinity": true