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  1. How does this plugin handle heli/ch47 call times through restarts? Does the timer reset after restarts? I set chinooks to spawn every 6 hours but the server restarts every 5 hours and no ones ever seen one
  2. spawn time needs to be lower than server restarts
  3. wondering if any one is having ch47 getting stuck on monuments i have included screen shot was also if this could be caused by plugin or if it is a facepunch issue?

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  4. I think of a problem with Facepunch. I also have this kind of Chinook behavior, also at the launch site, and nowhere else. I tried with and without the plugin, and sometimes the same problem.
    Forced to kill him with the "ent kill" command.
  5. Thank you for your reply.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1526050763][/DOUBLEPOST]i did post screen shot on facepunch as well
  6. I have seen the CH47 hit the launch site before, but it actually exploded. Didn't get stuck, but as was stated, that would definitely be an issue with Rust.
  7. Sometimes the Normal PetrolHeli is not destroyable... is that a problem of this Plugin? Anyone an Idea?

    THX for your Help ;)
  8. if I wanted to give players /callheli (themselves) cooldown. how would I type that out to put it in the default group? sorry for the
    noob question.
  9. Not destroyable how? Some more info would help a lot. :)
    Wow, that timing, just as I was replying to another, lol.
    The simple way to do that would be to pick the cool down permission you want, as set in your config (i.e helicontrol.cooldown.0), then grant it to the group:
    o.grant group default helicontrol.cooldown.0
    They'll also need helicontrol.callheliself, so go ahead and do this:
    o.grant group default helicontrol.callheliself
    And if you want to limit the amount of times they can use this per 24 hours, grant a limit permission just like cooldown:
    o.grant group default helicontrol.limit.0
  10. thank you
  11. thanks for your answer... its a bug on FacePunch-Site and not from this Plugin :)

    Thread --> PatrolHeli sometimes not destroyable?
  12. I got a problem very strange, if load plugin, when killed bradley, there is only the loot... i cant mine bradley... if unload, i can minning brad and get loot...

    someone have this issue?
  13. @Shady757 is there a way to control the resources players get when harvesting the chopper after it's down?

    If a server is 5 x resources for instance, the resulting resources is really low.
  14. Code:
    "Spawning - Disable CH47 default spawns": true,
    doesn't work...
  15. I'm not sure why this would happen. I can try to take a look into it if you're 100% sure it's HeliControl doing it.
    There isn't currently, but I kinda like this idea. There is sort of an alternative you can do if you use Gather Manager (or maybe there's something newer these days), you can set the gather rate for stuff like Metal Fragments to much higher, since I think the only place you get pure metal fragments from harvesting is, well, gibs. Same goes for high quality metal (not ore), charcoal, etc.
    Are you sure? I don't think an update has changed anything, and you're the first to say it's not working.
  16. yes i'm sure.... value is set to true and chinooke have spawned and put locked crate at train yard...

    for bradley, need to re test but always after loaded plugin, same problem... a conflict maybe?
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  17. Are you also sure that you have no other plugin that could be calling CH47 helicopters? Also, I assume you don't have HeliControl setup to spawn CH47s either, right?
  18. Only your plugin manage ch47...

    i don't have try call ch47.

    for bradley, you can see my movie (available in few minutes.... uploading with adsl :D)
  19. I don't think Gather Manager has a way to adjust the chopper harvest. Even if it did, I'd still potentially like to make the helicopter a higher return.

    dispenser.scale <dispenser:tree|ore|corpse> <multiplier> -- Increase the scale of the resources available in dispensers
    gather.rate <type:dispenser|pickup|quarry|survey> "<resource>" <multiplier> -- Increase the gathering rate for resource
  20. Use the type dispenser. There is no other dispenser (other than maybe Bradley) that gives out things such as pure metal fragments, high quality metal (not ore), and charcoal. I was suggesting it only as a temporary solution. ;)