1. We want configurable kegs so we can use them in our servers :)
  2. I was talking about the configurational options. I will publish the kegs later once it's stable but I will only add configurable options if enough people want it.
  3. Lego mentioned timer was an issue. I mentioned to just explode on placement and bypass damage to players so that it wouldn't kill the player placing it if that was an issue. Temporary fix though. I can't imagine the modifier for the damage count being an issue.
  4. Is this plugin ready to use good sir or ma'am?
  5. I would like configurable options :)
  6. The Keg is my fav item. I hope you can do this plugin. I use all of your plugins (except of 2) <3
    i wish there was a way to implement the Glitch Lantern back to the game xD
  7. It is fun to be able to use the kegs but there is still a lot of work to really make it a server friendly plugin. hopefully one day it can get figured out. Sounds like D-kay is waiting for more interest before putting more time into it. So if more showed interest we might get what we are waiting for :)
  8. Its the #1 thread... lol
  9. maybe D-kay will finish it up. Right @D-Kay ?