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Total Downloads: 70,118 - First Release: Oct 21, 2014 - Last Update: Jun 7, 2018

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  1. remove <> and vip is lower case and that command it for making a new group only
    would need you to upload your json files from config and data folder
  2. can someone make config with vip, vip+ and vip++

    and how can i set the permission with steamid who donated
  3. Ok but isn't there just a fast command to reset a particular kit for a player?
  4. pls!!! can someone help me
  5. Only way is delete the line from the data folder manually
  6. I showed you how to do the config I cant understand why you cant do it read my post on page 366 also I have uploaded 10000000's of config files try looking its not hard

    If its really hard for you to understand I can readd you to skype but you must listen and learn
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  7. Fix for water jug and small water empty?
  8. that has been around forever and will not be fixed
  9. Can someone explain to me how to format the text that is shown in chat when a user want to Check all the kits? Right now it's all written in white and I would like to edit it using <color> but I don't know where to edit it.
  10. I used to apply that fix before the update of Kits, now seems to be different and dont work
  11. when i create a kit "vip+" and give permission to the vip+ group and i add a player with oxide.usergroup add [steamid] vip+

    can he not use the kit. he have no permission how can i fix it
  12. upload kits.json from data folder and kits.json from config folder
  13. kits.json

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  14. I need the other file as well
  15. kits.cs

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    • Kits.cs
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  16. That is not the file I asked for please read my post
  17. alright fixing
    [DOUBLEPOST=1531347196][/DOUBLEPOST]i will make the kits first
    here come the new one @Resistance
    [DOUBLEPOST=1531348920][/DOUBLEPOST]the good one @Resistance

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  18. You uploaded the config again and the other file I never asked for this just forget about it
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2018
  19. you ask for kits data and kits config. and i past it here and its not good? strange
  20. no i asked for kits.json from data folder you need to read