A simplified store with dynamic prices

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  1. It isn't the same. You should set your sell percentage. You will also see there is a post that I provided a plugin to set prices of selling individually
  2. /additem category itemid/name buyprice sellprice dont work the item wasn't found error
  3. What was the exact command you typed?
  4. /additem risorse 134 1000000 100

    i don't want people can buy but only sell that's the reason for high buy price
    risorse is the name of my category
    [DOUBLEPOST=1455121682,1455036711][/DOUBLEPOST]there's a possibility for disable buy system only sell?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1455122074][/DOUBLEPOST]/shop config true/false doesent work
  5. The static sell prices dont work instead of giving it a buy or sell option it set the name like this "Ammo 304" and sell prices stays dynamic. Also where's the config for the sell prices I don't really understand how the sell price works without the data file hah.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1455237610,1455127141][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey man any chance you could update the store man? Maybe have to catnames view like (Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Cat4, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8, Cat9, Cat10, Cat11) So much more categories can be added. And also update to allow the selling of items with a static sell price! I would really appreciate an update :p
  6. Still never did get it to reduce the decimals to the value I set it to
  7. And the sell price does not work, static prices doesnt work man :(
    And this breaks the /shop command..
    hurt.SendChatMessage(player, GetMsg("header_catlisiting", player.SteamId)
                                                                .Replace("{Color:Header}", "<color=#00ffffff>")
                                                                .Replace("{/Color:Header}", "</color>")
                                                                .Replace("{Color:Good}", "<color=#00ff00ff>")
                                                                .Replace("{/Color:Good}", "</color>"));
                        hurt.SendChatMessage(player, string.Join(", ", DistinctCats));
                        //inline cats = hurt.SendChatMessage(player, string.Join(", ", DistinctCats));                    break;
  8. Okay, I will test this thoroughly when I get around to it, for now I need to sort out bugs in the votechecker plugin since it's causing huge headaches. After that I will work further on this.
  9. Thought I'd update you on my results after playing around with dilution. I tested multiple values between 1 and 30,000. I finally ended up settling at 100... it is a tad bit rough to balance if your items have wide price variations. I recommend allowing different dilution values for different items. Otherwise it is a fantastic feature that is highly popular on my server :)
  10. Awesome thank you very much for the update.

    I am going to do some updates to the store to allow a more advanced setting of prices per item , this should allow dilution per product.
  11. Hey Pho3niX I got the categories to display horizontally thanks for the help! Can't wait for some changes to the sell prices too
  12. I meant to say I settled at 1000 not 100 lol
  13. There is still the issue of people being able to make a profit by buying and selling an item over and over. It's less of an issue at higher dilution but then market doesn't adjust enough. Of course the problem can also be minimized by adding tax to the sell rate.... however I was hoping to have a 1:1 market.
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  14. Hey man.

    Just be patient, the update is around the corner.
  15. Hey actually just edited my last post. Problem can be resolved if you keep like 33% or more sell tax. However I wanted 1:1 market. And no worries, I'm being patient :) -pulls hair out kicking and screaming-
  16. Lol. I am just finishing off the Duel plugin. I will have an updated store tomorrowish.
  17. ooooo please do tell more :)
  18. It will be a Duel plugin. A player can challenge another player to a "Duel". They will get teleported to either a random spawn location, or to a set arena location. There they will duel for the amount that has been wagered. Mr. @kpl35mm-NL is busy testing for me as we speak :)
    I will test the hurtstore changes tonight and upload the update.
  19. I plan on wiping my server on Thursday. Will the new HurtStore update be out by then? By Wednesday I'll need to make a decision whether or not to use dynamic pricing. The exploit is still being used. I did some math and to make the exploit absolutely impossible (aka having a full inventory of stacks of 255) I'd need to use a delusion in the millions, possibly 10's of millions.... or use an unreasonably high sales tax. So on Wednesday basically I'm either hoping the exploit is fixed or that I'll rebalance the market around static pricing for now. Not to be annoying about it but it really is game breaking once people catch on. Not to mention painful because I love this feature to death.

    If you were wondering about suggestions to fix this.... I was thinking maybe have an adjustable timer for when the price adjustment occurs.

    Like for instance, all purchases are still collected in hurtstoretransations as is. When the timer runs down the total adjustments in that __ minutes will be made to the market. This way the store could not be dramatically abused because the price would not change as soon as they made the transaction... and even if they timed it just right they would only be able to use the exploit a maximum of 1 time every __ minutes that the timer is set to. ... as opposed to infinite times like they can do now.

    So if I could set the timer to adjust the market every 30 minutes, the users of the exploit would have to sell right before the 30 minute timer ran out (assuming they even knew), and buy right after the timer ran out.

    This would not only minimize this exploit to a very manageable extent, but add one more useful option to the plugin.... as I'm sure there are other useful applications for such a feature.
  20. I will have a look today what I can do regarding the calc. Think I should just get a new calculation all together rather than using dilutions.

    Will let you know