A simplified store with dynamic prices

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    HurtStore - A simplified store for hurtworld

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  2. :) Good Job!!
  3. Can't use command /Shop itemID
    Item is not display ID

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  4. Awesome, very excited for this! So far it looks good and the updates look awesome aswell!
  5. I'm having the same issue. ITEMID not showing, so can not buy item.
  6. Project ID does not display the name of the project can not be translated
  7. Actually itemID works fine, just doesn't display. However your money balance does not sync with economy plugin.
    When you buy something it subtracts from the starting amount of 100$ and never fully syncs with economy. If you type /money balance it shows you have lost no money after buying.
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  8. Hello, I've got two questions.
    1. The first is @thecalloflove say. Do not show Item ID
    2. Product name displayed in English, can support multiple languages´╝č
  9. Pho3niX90 updated HurtStore with a new update entry:



    Please delete your lang file and install the new version of t he plugin.
    Please see my last post
    Please see my last post
    Please see my last post regarding point 1.
    Product name is fetched from hurtworld, not sure if hurtworld supports multiple languages.
  10. Thanks, everything seems to work good now!
  11. Any way to change prices?
  12. Awesome.

    Any suggestions to improve the store would be great
    There is no easy way at the moment. But if you look inside the plugin file you will see the storestock and their prices. You could change them there.

    I will add the function to change prices and add new stock in the next release
  13. Header colors not working, not a big deal but how would I go about fixing it?

     {"header_catlisiting","<b>{Color:Header}Below are the categories, please view one with {/Color:Header}{Color:Good}/shop category{/Color:Good}</b>"},
                    {"header_itemlisting","<b>{Color:Header}Below are the items, to buy use {/Color:Header}{Color:Good}/buy itemid{/Color:Good}{Color:Header} to sell {/Color:Header}{Color:Good}/sell itemid{/Color:Good}</b>"},
  14. Could you post a screenshot pls
  15. I fixed it it was an issue with lang doc, which I fixed!
  16. Good job
  17. itemprice is not showing for some reason on my server.
  18. Yes, the next version can add custom items name
  19. Can you add a screenshot. Are there any errors in the log