A simplified store with dynamic prices

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  1. or even take that a step further and allow us to set different dilution for different items

    or even allowing us to set how many items sold/bought it takes to cause adjustment.... like setting it to 10 would mean that every 10 items bought/sold would trigger the adjustment.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454528116,1454491709][/DOUBLEPOST]Also that exploit is still possible, except now it just takes 3 or 4 full stacks as opposed to 1.
  2. Hmm I see.

    I will have to look into some scenarios and figure out how I am going to solve this.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454529574][/DOUBLEPOST]For the time being. Try and set dilution to around 1000+
  3. dilution at 10,000 - 20,000 seems good
  4. Could you add static pricing i'm sure it shouldn't be too hard. I'd rather you replace the % with static. Gives us almost no control over the prices of items..
  5. Please see HurtStore | Page 12 | Oxide
  6. It is going a bit slow to be honest. But will check this week to put more attention into this plugin. Will try to at least update it incrementally
  7. Oh okay, hey I have a quick question though. How could I change categories from this

    Cat 1
    Cat 2
    Cat 3
    Cat 4
    Cat 5

    To change it to display like this

    Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, Cat 4, Cat 5
  8. first clear your shop
    then add an item for each category, in order from 1 to 5..... then you can add items to each cat in any order and it will maintain
  9. What are you talking about lol? I'm talking about changing the way the category names are displayed. Thanks though :p
    Would this be a matter of editing the actual HurtStore.cs? Or Changing the lang?
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  10. my mistake. Thought you meant how to get them to list in order LOL I'm on a roll today
  11. @Enclave
    foreach (var cats in DistinctCats)
                            if (cats != null)
                                hurt.SendChatMessage(player, cats);
    hurt.SendChatMessage(player, string.Join(", ", DistinctCats));
  12. Thanks!
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454738502,1454710076][/DOUBLEPOST]Actually after testing it doesnt seem to change anything, category still shows in a vertical view
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454790247][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey Pho3niX let me know if you could possibly fix the problem! With view categories horizontally, I only want this to add more categories than 7.
  13. @Enclave that code should have worked. But will look a bit later at it
  14. I tested it once without restarting the server and it didn't do anything, I tried it a second time and restarted the server and it seemed to have broken the plugin.
  15. Hey Peeps! Is the /reload, /reload HurtStore?
    I can't seem to get it to load
  16. @Enclave Here you go, to set sellprice. This is still a beta version though.
    /additem category itemid/name buyprice sellprice
    if sellprice = -1 then it will be dynamic from buy price.

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  17. Hey awesome man, thanks, I'll test this out in a bit!
    Will I need to delete the data files for this to work?
  18. In theory no. But check it out, if you get weird errors let me know, and delete the data file.
  19. the price of buy is the same of sell the best it's too different price 1 for buy 1 for sell it's possible?