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    EasyVote - Making voting super easy and smooth!

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  3. anyway to add different items for like second vote, or like 5th vote etc?
  4. Yes, i can do that.
  5. Requests:
    • Can you add support for Hunt RPG
    • Kit permissions
  6. What do you mean "kit permission"?
  7. Say I create a kit ( using the Kits plugin) and to redeem that kit you need that a special permission. I'd want to name that permission in your plugin's config and have your plugin grant that permission when a player's votes met some condition.
  8. Okay, now i got it. Its possible to do, added to todo list.
  9. you can add option for vote reward give vip and this plugin Timed Permissions | Oxide

    give vip for 24h example... and command: addgroup {steamid} vip 1d

    you can add line of the code?

    the idea and taken out of:

    Promocodes for Rust | Oxide

    in "command" you can use following tags:
    • {steamid} represents the players steamID
    • {name} represents the players name
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  10. This should work?

    case "addgroup":
    rust.RunServerCommand($"addgroup {player.displayName} {value}");

    and easyvote.json:

    "addgroup: 12h"
  11. how do u change the item to give them to lets say wood?
  12. I added TimedPermissions support in ToDo list.
    Sorry for late reply, i working hard to add all suggestions in next EasyVote version.

    You need Item Shortname from ItemList
    Also you can add more then 3 reward, just add new line.

      "Reward": [
        "wood: 10000",
        "stones: 5000",
        "skull.human: 1"
    Yes, its should work with that.
  13. ok tomorrow test! thanks!

    you can add a file config where to see who voted? and how many times I voted?
  14. Working on it. It will save how many time player has voted in oxide/data folder.
  15. you are the best!
  16. im test this... and not work

    (12:35:13) | [Oxide] 14:35 [Info] Syntax: /addgroup <player|steamid> <group> <time Ex: 1d12h30m>

    any idea?
  17. You forgot add <group>
    rust.RunServerCommand($"addgroup {player.displayName} vip {value}");
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  19. how?

    rust.RunServerCommand($"addgroup {player.displayName} vip {value}");

    I do not get it to work ... I hope you can add it . and thanks
  20. Not sure what's wrong but when I /reward after voting I get a supply signal even though config clearly states only RP should be given.