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  1. Same problem :/
  2. oxide.grant group default easyvote.use
    oxide.grant group admin easyvote.use
    oxide.grant group admin easyvote.admin

    If any other groups give them the easyvote.use permission
  3. in where I need to write it because I tried many things...
  4. in your rcon client if you dont use one then use in game f1 console but RustAdmin RCON Tool is better
  5. will try in an sec!

    Hmmm working but not showing website :/
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  6. That part you will need to fix yourself so read overview and FAQ and other 46 pages until you work it out
  7. wow thanks...
  8. Can anyone help to figure out how to set up discord messages ? because I don't get it I create webhook , I have added discordmessages and have no idea what should I do next
  9. I have 2 websites setup for this my server, rust-servers and beancan.

    My reward is 1x supply signal. But when I vote for both servers it only gives me 1x supply signal. How can I make it so that it gives 1x supply signal for each vote.
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  10. Why do you want 22 websites for
  11. Sorry typo xD - just two websites
  12. I know was just pointing out the typo :)
  13. First of all, thanks for you plugin! :)

    I saw your fix for v2.0.35 but unfortunately the plugin keeps saying "... To see a list of available rewards type /reward list"
    I just went through the code and checked that the message was defined without a whitespace and it is. I also tried changing the color from yellow to cyan but that chance did not have any effect.

    What can cause this behaviour?

    Edit: I just found out it was an outdated language file... Thanks anyway :D
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  14. Is there a way that a player get every second vote a specific item without making a huge list?
    Or a way where the vote list begins from beginning? Sorry i hope you know what i mean :D
  15. I keep on getting an error when I try and use the vote system on my server. It is giving me code: 0 and the logs says that a connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond or the connected host has failed to respond.
  16. Sorry for posting out here but I have a problem with the approval of my Server on Beancan.io
    My server has been registered there for over 2 weeks, has a description and everything else is correct.
    But still waiting for Approval…...

    How long does it take to get a server unlocked? or even edited by an admin?
    The sad thing is there is not even the possibility to ask for a support.

    Would be great if any one have Information when the server is unlocked or how to reach the support.

    Thanks in Advance.


    If some one else Need answers About waiting for approval on Beancan.io, check this:

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