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  1. hover over AutoBroadcast lad. it will allow you to click it .
  2. Can i do something like @3 setting up a reward for every 3rd vote?
    No this links can't be clickable bc plugins are not allowed to start the browser or other stuff. Maybe you can auto copy it to the clipboard
  3. im confused, you cant click autobroadcast to open the plugin page like this Screen capture - 2d00b8e2b53359054add4037be7b1707 - Gyazo
  4. sry i think i misunderstood xD
  5. I've a problem :/

    My Palyers always get the info they get added to a group after every vote beginning from the 3rd one, but i only settet it up to add them in a group on the 3rd vote, not every vote after the 3rd one o_O

    My Rewards config part looks like this

      "Rewards": {
        "@": [
          "scrap: 250",
          "supply.signal: 1"
        "first": [
          "bearmeat.cooked: 3",
          "hatchet: 1",
          "pickaxe: 1",
          "tshirt.long: 1",
          "pants: 1",
          "shoes.boots: 1"
        "vote2": [
          "pookie.bear: 1"
        "vote3": [
          "oxidegrantgroup: member"
        "vote10": [
          "smg.2: 1",
          "ammo.pistol: 128"
  6. I am still suffering on this problem showing me every vote they got added to the group i give them only at vote 3 :/
  7. Having a bit of a prob my players are not granted permissions to vote how to I give them the permission?
  8. Read the description carefully
  9. I have read it over and over and I am not seeing what I am missing that will allow all players to vote and claim. It's allowing me the use of the command but not the default group.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1529360557][/DOUBLEPOST]Ok, I found it IDK how I kept missing that I must be blind lmao.
  10. you're funny man ^^
  11. nvm sorted it. Derp

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  12. leave the text before the edit so others know what your problem was. Aswell your solution to your solved problem. Greez
  13. Where do we insert our API Key and Steam ID so that this actually works in game? Could you please provide an example of a working config json file? Thanks.
  14. (16:30:28) | [EasyVote] Error: 0 - Couldn't get an answer for Estralia (Beancan) (16:30:28) | [EasyVote] Error: 0 - Couldn't get an answer for Estralia (RustServers)

    I am getting this error any help?
  15. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Update Oxide.
  16. getting "something went wrong we got 0 error from toprustservers please try again later" on all vote site
    (15:28:01) | [EasyVote] Error: 0 - Couldn't get an answer for bodiddlefingers (RustServers)

    (15:28:01) | [EasyVote] Error: 0 - Couldn't get an answer for bodiddlefingers (Trackyserver)

    (15:28:01) | [EasyVote] Error: 0 - Couldn't get an answer for bodiddlefingers (TopRustServers)
  17. can someone make a config with only a reward (supply)
  18. oxide error - updated and fixed
  19. I do/claim and its not giving me a reward how can i fix this?
  20. How to give perrmissions to all players in the server NEED ASAP!!