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    C4Logger - Saves informations about the use of C4.

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  2. will this post a log in the server folder?? even if we are not logged onto the server??, with permissions of course.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. It will automatically save the informations to oxide/data/C4Logger.json even with nobody has a permission.
    The permission 'c4logger.message' is only there so you also get an in-game message.

  5. Thank you VERY much, that is awesome!!!! :D
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  9. This plugin awesome, but how did i know where it used?
    "Player - Position": "-3291.366 226.501 -464.822",
    I mean that. where i can watch my coordinates?
  10. You can enter the coordinates on xero-hurtworld.com
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  13. Yhe it's not hard at all.
    A simple idea is using AlertAreas for Hurtworld | Oxide to create "No C4 allowed" areas and you just check in your C4Logger if the C4 deployed is inside any of those areas. If yes, you destroy the network object and add the C4 back to player inventory.
  14. Does this require a restart? Because I've reloaded the plugin, re-installed the updated version and for some reason it will not come across my chat. It doesn't require permissions to view it, as far as I know so I don't know whats going on. Any suggestions?
  15. It will always save to the /data/C4Logger.json file, regardless of permissions. To get ingame messages you will need the permission c4logger.used and/or c4logger.connection
  16. Yes I noticed the permissions after -_- dumb ass question lol, but I did use them I did /grant group default c4logger.used and then the c4logger.connection and I have been placing C4 to test it, and no messages come across the chat.

    I do use BetterChat though do you think this is a compatibility issue? I also know BetterChat is facing issues with chat-lag atm due to an outdated plugin so could this be an issue?
  17. BetterChat shouldn't cause any problems.

    Try this:
    /grant user YourName c4logger.used

    And maybe check if it gets saved to /data/C4Logger.json and report back please :)
  18. Tested that still no message popping up hmmm
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460573367][/DOUBLEPOST]And it seems like its saving in the c4logger.json file atleast from what I can see, but its only saving ones with stakes in it im testing it out on foundation with nothing around, your old version use to work on foundations only. Could this be an issue? That I need to place a stake?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460573669][/DOUBLEPOST]Nvm, now its not logging them I dont believe?... Your previous version like the first one that came out worked awesome!