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  1. I just tested it on my local server where everything works fine. Do you may get any error message in the console? Do you have the filters activated in the config? If so, "Self Harm" is filtering C4 uses where the player placed c4 on one of his own bases.
  2. Heres my config file, I left it default.

    "Settings": {
    "Filters": {
    "Defuse": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Max Time (Seconds)": 30
    "Duplicate": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Max Distance": 6,
    "Max Time (Seconds)": 3
    "Self Harm": {
    "Enabled": true
    "Max Age (Days)": 7.0,
    "Players Near Radius": 100.0
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460574127][/DOUBLEPOST]It is working now, just wasnt working for me so I had a member test it and it came across guess maybe when I place the c4, on my own land it doesn't appear because of the selfharm enabled right?
  3. Yep, right.
  4. Well thank you for all of your help! Do you have any suggestions on my chat? I know some people have issues with betterchat, and others don't. So I'm curious if maybe it's something I have that is creating a collision with it...

    I know you don't mess with BetterChat and I know the author is suppose to release a new version eventually, but it makes me wonder if it's just my server or actually all servers that are facing this same issue?
  5. As far as I know it hasn't anything to do with BetterChat directly. I think the main reason for the lag is when there is too much text due to color codes.
  6. Alright what I'll try is to remove all my color formats, and see if that fixes it since we do use ALOT of tags in my roleplay server; although if it doesn't then what would you suggest besides removing tags? Is there a way to allow the chat to better handle it? Like an auto-refresh script that would continue to refresh the chat on a second basis? Since doing /tc a bunch which is clan chat around 2-4 times breaks the lag eventually due to sending text to the chat over and over, so maybe sending a re-load over and over would fix it without us having to spam it?
  7. That isn't possible. The only thing you can do is remove unnecessary color codes and hope that the devs from hurtworld fix the problem soon.
  8. Yeah tried out removing color codes, shortening tags, everything nothing worked. It worked great before the update so it might work after the next update.
  9. 00:12 [Warning] CallHook 'OnPlayerInput' on plugin 'C4Logger v1.2.0' took: 1200ms

    keeps showing up in the logs...is this ok?
  10. Plugin works ?
  11. Yes it should work.
  12. The log is very complicated to understand. Some form of organizing it by informing the SteamID historical login and logout of each player having C4 or Cap in inventory and another log to record the USO C4 stating who used , location and other relevant information ?
  13. Code:
    [Error] Error while compiling C4Logger.cs(137,48): error CS0117: `ConstructionManager' does not contain a definition for `GetOwnershipCell'
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Quickfix (untested) for Hurtworld update:
  15. Works, thanks.
  16. Hi I installed the C4Logger but when i tried to do /reload C4Logger it says it not loaded? What should i do?
  17. Can also confirm this is working. Thank you!
  18. uhmm.... The message which you should get when someone is useing an C4 it doesn't shows up inside of the game but when I'm looking on my webconsole then I getting the messages so mabye an bug in the script I don't know
  19. Did you give yourself the permission to get the message when C4 is used? this one "c4logger.used"
  20. Yes ofcourse I gave the permission to my self its a script fault