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  1. Mine is working fine, must be user error. Mr Rude....
  2. Rude... lol
    But I'll look for the error inside of my web consle
  3. My C4 Alerts and data seem to stop working sporadically and I end up having to reinstall the mod and redoing permissions to get it back working. No errors in the logs but oddly enough C4 use and connection still works in those. Any ideas?
  4. Are updated with the newst version of oxide?
  5. Good morning. I get the following error, let me know what I should change...

    04:00 [Error] Error while compiling C4Logger.cs(137,48): error CS0117: `ConstructionManager' does not contain a definition for `GetOwnershipCell'
  6. Go back to page two scroll down a little bit then you'll see an quikfix
    Download that one because that one is working perfectly
  7. great pluging still works with kanga update
  8. When u will update this plugin?
  9. update to what... because its working for me
  10. U sure?
    U an admin?
  11. I'am an admin from my own server ys and if you want to get to work it you've to grant it your self
    [DOUBLEPOST=1477000933][/DOUBLEPOST]with these cmdn so like this
    /grant user TruxDeadnitro c4logger
  12. It doesnt work, i just wiped my server and so i have a new start,, updated the c4logger and installed it. Granted permission to myself and it says not loaded in game. just as before.. :(
  13. Are you using the one linked above your post?
  14. Yes its the only link i have? This is the errors i have received in the logs.
    11:15 [Info] AdminTools, AdvertMessages, AutoClean, C4Logger, EasyStakes, Fly, ForbiddenStakes, GiveItem, Kits, LightSwitch, LootChests, LootConfig, Stacksize, Teleportation, Updater, VehicleManager and Vote were compiled successfully in 2535ms
    11:15 [Error] Error while compiling C4Logger.cs(137,48): error CS0117: `ConstructionManager' does not contain a definition for `GetOwnershipCell'
    11:15 [Error] Error while compiling ForbiddenStakes.cs(163,49): error CS0117: `TerrainSettingsManager' does not contain a definition for `Instance'

    I have this repeated in the logs. All of the other plugins are working Including VehicleManager that wasnt working before and AutoClean. Oh Player Information is not installed yet, and i cant find help at all? I used to have it but its not there anymore?
  15. Austinv900 updated C4Logger with a new update entry:


  16. i dont got a message in the chat i dont know why.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1499005308][/DOUBLEPOST]Austin can u help me please ?
  17. Doesn't work, the C4 notifications do not appear in chat.... as the above user mentioned
  18. Update - the messages appear after restart. Problem solved
  19. @Lizzaran
    I'm getting this on my hurtworld server

    Failed to run a 0.25 timer in 'C4Logger v1.2.1' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)