1. Would be fun to create say a bridge that everyone could use but only an admin could destroy would put some new things in the game like buildings with loot chests in em or something along those lines
  2. The only way for players to destroy is using C4 and to remove is having Stake Authority.

    One idea would be preventing players from using C4 on "protected areas" defined by admins.
  3. That could work but is their a mod available for doing that?
  4. There is a plugin called C4Logger that logs use of C4. I will make a suggestion to its developer about that.
  5. Hey,

    I just uploaded a plugin named "No Raid Zones" :)
  6. you are a god
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460648330][/DOUBLEPOST]im looking but i dont see it
  7. Probably need to wait for @Wulf to review it and accept.
  8. It got accepted now and can be downloaded ^^
  9. game changer for shure ! also if you can see about removing radzones theirs a huge part of the map all raded id liek to build a racetrack on lol
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460657985][/DOUBLEPOST]i think it broke the c4 i added 1 nrz but now i cant place c4 anywhr n it dosent show up in invintory
  10. @Lizzaran check your code. You have a duplicated NetDestroy on OnEntitySpawned hook.
  11. Sorry, there was a bug, should work now :x

    Thanks, its fixed now ^^
  12. awesome mang u da best! that was fast too to get this mod up thanks for tht too
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460670222][/DOUBLEPOST]all works good but when you do try to plant in nrz the c4 dosent return to the invintory but everything else is perfect
  13. You can enable "Refund C4" in the config.
  14. it fixed itself my bad but good work man i was waiting for something like this for a long time all im missing is a custom loot spawn location script so i cn spawn loot in these open unraidable bases
  15. LootChests for Hurtworld | Oxide <- This looks like what you are looking for
  16. ye i have that but it spawns in random locations not set locations
  17. It spawns where you set them too. If you want them to spawn at exactly where you want them just set the range to zero.
  18. Also its possible protect a certain area from players removing buildings without the ownership stakes?

    Example, I want a tower in the middle of the map that can't be destroyed by c4 or construction hammer.

    I saw a plugin with a function that could be applied to this:
    AlertAreas for Hurtworld | Oxide
    But instead of an alert the plugin will prevent the building from being destroyed.