Building Blocker

Fully prevents building in the building blocked zone. Fixes the "Devblog 158 of 4th may"

Total Downloads: 5,870 - First Release: May 4, 2017 - Last Update: Sep 29, 2017

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  1. Hi! While searching for a solution to the vending machine error and kick, I stumbled upon this thread.
    I don't use this plugin and I have the same error on my server - so it's not this plugin.
  2. JMJ


    It was without a doubt this plugin. I removed it and could place them fine, reload it and get kicked as soon as you touch a vending machine. I dont use the other plugin that was mentioned to cause issues. Guess it was conflicting with another plugin. Its no biggie. I just Switched plugins.
  3. ok found a bug if you go to a base and try to build it says not aloud blocked ectra but if you then put away your blueprint and then pull it back out it lets you build anyway to fix this
  4. I don't.... I don't even understand what you wrote....
  5. if you go to a base and pullout your blue print try to build it says not aloud blocked wont let you build but if you then put away your blueprint and then pull it back out it lets you build but it still states its blocked anyway to fix this
  6. It's not better, still can't get you...
    So - as far as I can tell -
    If you will take blueprint back to your inventory, and then get it back you are able to build in a building blocke zone, correct?
    I see no way for thi to heppen, but will take a look.
  7. yes walk to some someones home try and build with the blue print it will say you are blocked and show in chat its blocked but if you then put your blue print away and pull it back out you can build
  8. that's wiered. Are you sure you are using latest version? I can't reproduce it myself.
  9. I have a conflic in rcon.... any solution? Thanks

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  10. NoEscape. Go to the NoEscape | Page 28 | Oxide and make a post about it there. I can't do anything about it untill @Calytic will add support for my plugin.
  11. I was just notified by players on my server that they are being blocked in their own areas now. If I shut off the plugin it's fine...?
  12. Their own? How can this be possible?... I have no idea.
  13. for some reason its not blocking people since update again any reason for this here is a picture of it

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  14. I'm sorry Vlad. I spoke too soon. The culprit was a stupid player.
  15. Players are reporting that the places where they are blocked by the plugin are bigger than cupboard radius. But since the plugin uses the default hooks, I don't see this should be the case.

    Anyone else having such issues seen?
  16. Bigger? May be just a bit. I was trying to make it as close as it possible to the original radius.
    It has nothing to do with a hooks, it's just something that can't be done with a plugin. To fully disable building in the privilage zone assembly must be edited directly. At least as I see it.
  17. Could be compatible with DynamicCupshare please??
  18. +1 to this :)
  19. I have no idea how DynamicCupShare works. If they arne't work togeter, then DCS doesn't really auth players in the tool cupboard. If someone would gave me this plugin for free I will take a look. Overwise - I'm not gonna buy a plugin just to make them work together =)
  20. Vlad-00003 updated Building Blocker with a new update entry: