Building Blocker

Fully prevents building in the building blocked zone. Fixes the "Devblog 158 of 4th may"

Total Downloads: 5,870 - First Release: May 4, 2017 - Last Update: Sep 29, 2017

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  1. As I already mentioned - as long as the raidblock plugin author decided to ignore me - the only way to make this plugins work together correctly was to give the NoEscape full controll over the hook while the player is in the raidblock.
    So this problem is related to the NoEscape, as it seems to allow players to place ladders while blocked.
    So go to this plugin support thread and ask the author about it =)
    My plugin, as I already said, do nothing if the player is in the raidblock. The building rights are being controlled by NoEscape.
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Calytic

    Calytic Community Admin Community Mod

    First of all, great plugin Vlad.

    This implies active effort in ignoring you but I assure you only a lack of effort applies. :p

    Alright so this isn't down to a problem with NoEscape or with your plugin, really. This is due to a hook conflict in a thriving plugin ecosystem with innumerable conflicts of this nature! There is only one CanBuild hook, after-all, and no shortage of great plugins trying to use it for some thing or another.

    In any case, there are two options here - neither of which are very good.

    1. NoEscape adds an integration with BuildingBlocker, which would override the CanBuild behavior of NoEscape and give BuildingBlocker precedence - essentially removing build blocking from NoEscape
    2. NoEscape doesn't add an integration with BuildingBlocker, and the server owners remove the "build" block type from their NoEscape configuration, also essentially removing build blocking from NoEscape

    Either way, both options remove build blocking from NoEscape - one requires a code change and the other requires people read the documentation of NoEscape.

    Anyway, keep up the great work Vlad.
  4. I didn't send you PM, that's true, but that's just cos I didn't think it's nessasarry. I've posted in the NoEscape thread, and you defenetly should've see my message - cos you reply to somebody right after my text, so... Yeah.

    Right now what I'm doing is checking if the player is allowed to build in your plugin. And if he isn't - I'm doing nothing.
    About the ladders - why aren't they being blocked on your way? o_O
    Ok. I see. Cos they are added to exceptions.
    So basicly right now everything should work. Just the admins shoud remove the ladders from exceptions....
    Ppl never reads the description...

    Ok. So. THe only thing ppl need to do is to remove the ladders from exclude list, if they want them to be blocked...

    Sorry about that - I just didn't saw your plugin for a while. I'm not hosting any servers for a year, so yeah. Kinda... =)
  5. Is there a way to make this work with the zone manager plugin so players can build ladders and foundations in designated pvp zones? Right now I have it so no one can ladder or build foundation so lazy people don't steal in my pve areas. But... I want to enable it for my pvp zones.
  6. Hm.... I can't make the zones whitelist, so in the desired zones the plugin wouldn't work =)
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a plugin refusing players who are not allowed in the tool cupboard, the impossibility of construction, such as the stalls, floors, ... Is this one doing that? ? Otherwise, do you know what plugin I'm looking for. Thank you very much.
  8. Since one of the game updates the devs allow players to place some items (read stairs) and build stuff (floors, foundations) inside of the over players cupboard zone.

    This plugin removes this "feature" - so if the player has no building privilage - he won't be able to build at all.

    P.S. Sry for such a wired answer, I just don't get your question ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Is there a way to ALLOW twig building in a building blocked area? I dont want ladders but i want players to be able to twig up.

    I have tried this on both of my servers and if u dont have Building prev u cant ladder up nor can u twig up....... BUT i do have dynocupshare plugin to not allow ladders. I just cant seem to get twig up to work.

  10. Hello, thank you that was my question, this plugin has solved mob problem. But would you tell me, if in spite of that, can I set up ladders for unauthorized players on the cabinet?
  11. Ladders? Did the devs changed something again?
    Cos as I remember players was able to build ladders in the unaughorized zones...
    If you are talking about my plugin - well, where is an option "Allow building ladders in the privilage zone" in the config file. Set it to true to allow players to build ladders.
  12. Thank you.
  13. I can not build in a blocked zone despite my permission "oxide.grant group admin buildingblocker.bypass".
    And you ?
  14. Are you sure that you are in the admin group? run user <yourname\yoursteamid> and check if you really has the permission.
  15. Yes I had checked. I have the rights and it does not work.
    It works for you?
  16. @Vlad-00003 an idea ?
  17. Right now I'm in the village and have no access to the game and my testing server...
    Wired. Are you sure that you didn't change the permission in the config?
  18. Code:
      "Allow building ladders in the privilage zone": false,
      "Block building": true,
      "Bypass block privilage": "buildingblocker.bypass",
      "Chat prefix": "[BuildingBlocker]",
      "Prefix color": "#FF3047"
    (23:55:47) | Player '☣ XTREMRUST ☣ (steamid)' permissions:
    And no, I can not build without rights.
    Try it when you can. You'll have the same problem I imagine.
  19. @Vlad-00003 Did you try ? For me it does not work.
  20. could someone help me please im trying to set it up so you cant use twig but you can place ladders my config looks like this
    "Allow building ladders in the privilage zone": true,
    "Block building": true, <-- if set to false the ladders would be the only thing blocked. If the option above is set to false. Overwise the plugin would do nothing =)
    "Bypass block privilage": "buildingblocker.bypass",
    "Chat prefix": "[BuildingBlocker]",
    "Prefix color": "#FF3047"

    but i can't place ladders :(