Building Blocker

Fully prevents building in the building blocked zone. Fixes the "Devblog 158 of 4th may"

Total Downloads: 5,870 - First Release: May 4, 2017 - Last Update: Sep 29, 2017

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  1. maybe need to update?
  2. @Vlad-00003 Have a question. I have "Allow building ladders in the privilage zone": false, and people are still placing ladders on other players bases. This started after update. Do you know a fix?
  3. Needs update
  4. hm, wired. I'll take a look now.
    Everything works for me. Post your config.
    With the default one I can't build anything. nor ladders of floors.
    For what? What doesn't work like it should?
    Same question as above. What do you want to be updated?
  5. Nevermind Thanks for the help. I removed and reinstalled and its working

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  6. What? Accordinhg to your config you are using one very old version... You'd better update, lol.
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  8. is the plugin up to date?
  9. Yep. Currently it works like it should.
  10. How can I fix this problem exactly?
    This add-on was after the install
  11. Read the tread I've pointed you to. This message has nothing to do with this plugin, and I have no idea what this is due to not expirienced it myself.
  12. Seems to not work with No Escape, can still place ladders when raid blocked any ideas
  13. After updating the plugin not work. Players can build in the blocked area

      "Allow building ladders in the privilage zone": false,
      "Block building": true,
      "Bypass block privilage": "BuildingBlocker.bypass",
      "Chat prefix": "[BuildingBlocker]",
      "Prefix color": "#FF3047"
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  14. I'll add this to the description - if the player are in a raid block - NoEscape fully controlls what he can do. If so - that means that NoEscape doesn't block building laders.
    At all? I've heard that they changed CanBuild hook, but the existsing one should work. I'll take a look then I'll have some time.
  15. Yeah No escape does not Block Ladders, ive disabled this working with no escape as a temp fix untill no escape fix there side.
  16. Welcome, you will fix the plugin or not? For the second week does not work =(
  17. Checked after the update, it seems the problem is fixed, to build and to put the stairs is impossible
  18. If you're using NoEscape, remove ladder.wooden from the exceptionPrefabs

    This should solve.
  19. if you raid a base and your in raidblock you can place ladders! how can i fix this