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Rust Tool cupboard sharing

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Faetul, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    I am trying to find a way to prevent people form destroying bases by adding themselves to the Tool Cupboard when they find it. There is an option in 'Remover Tool' but it doesn't seem to prevent this. The other issue is turrets killing Friendly or Clan players if they are not added. Adding users is to Tool cupboards is fine but if they are buried and a Clan or new Friend arrives it's almost impossible.

    What would be perfect in my instance is a plugin with no options or very little that once installed locks down all cupboards to prevent others authorising and is only open to friends maybe via Rust:IO. Also the same for Turrets, once placed and authorised they are also open to the same Friends group or Clan.
  2. Fujikura

    Fujikura Grenade Master Plugin Developer

    RemoverTool needs no cupboards to remove, and they can complete be disabled from using by the RemoverTool, and instead its using the owner-id and/or their friends, if the Friends-Api is installed and activeted for remove...works 100%

    Code (C#):
      "Remove - Access - Require Block Ownership": true,
      "Remove - Access - Use Friends & Require Ownership (Require Block Ownership must be true)": true,
      "Remove - Access - Use ToolCupboards": false,
  3. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    According to the plugin owner that is incorrect.

    I've just installed the 'friends' plugin to see if this resolves the issue.
  4. Fujikura

    Fujikura Grenade Master Plugin Developer

    I got this setting now since a few months, and not changed, and does what it means...the main prob is actually, there were many different more ir minor right-fixed versions on the go...
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  5. G9X-SA✪

    G9X-SA✪ Scavenger

    is there plugin make player share the cupboard and codelock
    /cupboard add name (and he share all cupboard in base )
    /codelock add name (and he share all codelock in base )
  6. Venomous

    Venomous Wood Hoarder

    Please hydra, we have simply loved, and use avidly - your previous plugins! But the fact is, people honeycomb those cupboards deep into huge clan bases, and we're stuck. Can we get a modified Tool Cupboard for Friends plugin that allows the player to share all their owned cupboards with someone as long as their standing in the privileged area and own the cupboard? Much like the /auth command from Entity Owner, but for the players to use instead?
  7. [YNPA] Fake Death

    [YNPA] Fake Death Wood Hoarder

    If you looking for friendshare please contact me thought ^^