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Rust Tool cupboard sharing

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Faetul, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Faetul

    Faetul Scavenger

    One of the players on my server suggested a tool cupboard sharing plugin, kind of like on legacy where you could /share doors. Would it be possible to make s similar plugin for tool cupboards? I think it'd be good to have instead of having to track down all your tool cupboards and remove a wall everytime one of your buddies comes on so they can build near you.
  2. Reneb

    Reneb Grenade Master Plugin Developer

    Could be done yes i guess.
    Using the hook of when you enter à zone, you could see if it's à friend that can build and give you permission (or not)
    Maybe for the friends plugin?

    But i won't do that cause i think players should just add themselves to the cupboard, doesnt take much time, and this way there are less backstabers or fail friends.
    But i guess if Someone Else wants it could be done ^^
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  3. Samsonite

    Samsonite Shack Builder

    For large groups with multiple tool cupboards, creating a list sort of like a group list to authorize each person added to have the same building privelege as the person to created the same group/same cupboard.
  4. xSoviet33

    xSoviet33 Scavenger

    Hi guys, I know that there is ShareDoor to share all doors with a friend but is it a plugin who do the same but with cupboard because when they are behind a wall it's hard for new guys in the team to take it to build.

    I will try to change it from Share Door but I'm not sure of the results

    Wait and see
  5. Janey

    Janey Scavenger

    i think there should be a function like share door for sharing ALL tool cupboards placed to prevent griefing, so each player has to allow a friend to authorise. If a player places a cupboard it would be useful to a server like mine if they were the only ones who could authorise other players on cupboards. It would stop the griefing of /removing of a whole base by a raider. i currently banned /removal of another players base on my server but with 30+ players sometimes on its hard to controll and stop. This would stop random players being able to authorise them selves on any cupboard they like. Backstabber and fail friends will happen no matter what even without a plugin like this especially with /sethome and such as but it would be helpful with griefing raids.
  6. GNSC4

    GNSC4 Shack Builder Server Owner

    Just change the remove plugin to false on cupboard permission and add friends plugin then if they are friends they can remove if they aren't they cant
  7. xSoviet33

    xSoviet33 Scavenger

    To protect from /remove abuses the best way is to use BuildingOwner. The server owner add the owner of the base I make him the only one who can remove the blocks.
  8. Janey

    Janey Scavenger

    Thanks guys, il try both ways and see which ones the best :)
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    Is it the "friends API" plugin that you mean? Also does this just protect the cupboard from being removed or does it stop players using the /remove on peoples bases?
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  9. xSoviet33

    xSoviet33 Scavenger

    I think he is talking about friends with Rust IO but I'm not sure if it still active...
  10. GNSC4

    GNSC4 Shack Builder Server Owner

    Yes friends api plugin and building owners need to be installed then only people on the owners friends list can use /remove on the building
  11. Janey

    Janey Scavenger

    and for this do i still need to change the remove plugin to false on the cupboard as you stated above? Just asking before i do it and break it :p
  12. GNSC4

    GNSC4 Shack Builder Server Owner

    Yes lol
  13. xSoviet33

    xSoviet33 Scavenger

    You are not forced to change BuildindOwnerCheck if you want to have friends+cupboard, but just with friend it's perfect
  14. Burak 2

    Burak 2 Wood Hoarder

    I need a plugin for give access to friend without authrize him with command because sometimes cupboards be inside walls and cannot use it .
  15. AJ Riddle

    AJ Riddle Naked Wanderer

    I am always annoying by having to go around and remove walls to share my cupboards for the friends who weren't online when I was building.

    A plugin where anyone that you have added as a friend also is authorized to build on any cupboard you are.
  16. OuTSMoKE

    OuTSMoKE Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Yes I def need this plugin for my server. People bury their cupboards and cant get to them to authorize new people.
  17. k1lly0u

    k1lly0u Grenade Master Plugin Developer

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  18. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Grenade Master Plugin Developer

    I have an idea. Though its a little different from what the posts here have been suggesting.
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  19. OuTSMoKE

    OuTSMoKE Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    i just want like /cshare add <name>, although if whatever you do works, im down.
  20. yogev2255

    yogev2255 Wood Hoarder

    hey i see on some servers have like /Cupboard and like after you build and place the Cupboards and your friend join to you you can /Cupboard add or /Cupboard remove ( he remove the player)