Allows players with permission to instantly rename other players or self

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  1. IGOR.T

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    pls reset)


    When running Oxide 2.0.2977, upon client reconnect for a renamed person, the in-game name for chat stays as the defined /rename - but the /rename falls off of the player model and restores back to normal (through TAB menu and the name that others see when looking at you in-game).

    In other words: /rename works 100%, I reconnect, my name is still changed in chat but not changed on my player.

    (This is way less important) I don't know if this is fixable or possible with the plugin, but the vanilla ownership system also registers items as belonging to your original name, even after a suicide or crafting new items.
  3. Wulf

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    I know this seems like an odd request, but when trying to TP to, PM, or find certain people, a name such as "GG" will return hundreds of results. Is it possible to have a permanent string added via /rename, such as /rename GG "1_" would rename a playername to 1_GG, and if the player switched his name to "Z" to still avoid detection, the playername would thus be "1_Z"?
    We have a rule in my server where short names are prohibited because it inhibits staff from doing their jobs properly and causes a lot more confusion than it's worth. Punishing players for a short name or a duplicate name seems over the line for a person ultimately choosing whatever name they want, but having a name penalty until they fix the behavior or issue seems like a logical solution. It could also be used as an alternate way to tag problem players such as </renamestring "GG" "[Rulebreaker]>. I just feel that if I currently /rename most people, they can use it to a gameplay advantage by changing their steam profile name to make themselves unfindable.

    If a string of characters followed the rename process instead of a full rename, such as /renamestring GG DupedName1 - when a player renamed to "Z" it could have an incredible usage, because people would still be able to identify who that player is very easily. Staff and players could tell that it was not "z" who killed them (who would be nearly unfindable) but the DupedName1_Z player. Staff could then investigate the appropriate player instead of the report causing mass confusion or neglect.

    I just figured it might be another way to make this plugin far more applicable and effective for how I'd use it.
    It's just a thought. If my suggestion is a bad idea, please just feel free to delete my post, thanks for all that you do & for reading what I have to say :) <3
  5. gamal.ismail

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    rename 765611??? PLine

    Failed to call hook 'RenameCommand' on plugin 'Rename v0.3.0'
    (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Please provide the full error from the oxide/logs.

    Thanks for the input, I'm sure I can implement some of the ideas. :)
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  7. gamal.ismail

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    Sorry Wulf ...
    the player was not online.

    After he entered the rust, not make any more problems.
  8. SysBlack

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    How to rename the admin name
  9. Wulf

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    "Prevent Admin Renames (true/false)": false

    In the config. ^
  10. Arood

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    Failed to call hook 'NameResetCommand' on plugin 'Rename v0.3.0' (IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.)

    when trying to reset my own name

    "prevent admin renames" is off
  11. Wulf

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    Could you provide the full error form the log as well as the exact command you used please?