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Rust Anti-cheat

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bitterbals, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. bitterbals

    bitterbals Naked Wanderer

    Hello, anticheat request

    who can make a new anti cheat plugin the old from reneb is outdated,
    whit the new jail plugin can whe realy use it. speedhack jump and maby headshot count config.
    20 headshot in a row/distance +100 = jail time 1/24/day/perma hour ex.

    I wil donete for a good anticheat plugin.

    Grtz Bitterbal.
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  2. Awolnation

    Awolnation Naked Wanderer

    Hi, All!

    I am looking for someone who can write a cheat for the RUST EXPERIMENTAL! The bottom line is that I live on Kamchatka, and we have a very bad internet, it is the use of EAC can not, need someone who will write offlay-cheat to see the injector.
    Sum: 2500 RUB (36.25916 USD)
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  3. Casper ;3

    Casper ;3 Shack Builder

    ++, R-AntiCheat not works, in game many hackers lately...
  4. Alphawar

    Alphawar Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    @Wulf , you might like that second post. paid to :p
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    They were actually looking for anti-cheat supposedly.
  6. Alphawar

    Alphawar Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    Well I think the original post was, but not sure about the use of an injector? could that cause issues?
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  7. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I'm sure it would for anyone other than cracked/non-EAC users.
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  8. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    I believe there is a lot of new anticheats people code them selves but its not in access, since people don't give them out.
  9. Brko™

    Brko™ Shotgun Ace

    Sad that nobody of you reads Support threads of plugins, cause if you would you find this
    R-AntiCheat | Page 63 | Oxide
    I use it and it works, just dont forget to edit config ;)
  10. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    Hey this isn't really based on this plugin but I do know most of these plugins are hosted by Admins or owners from the server Legion. But I believe legacy would be a lot more popular if you updated R-Anticheat or even make another anticheat because lets face it R-Anticheat is worthless because it's really glitchy and it only stops hacks which were made like two years ago so in other words what I'm trying to say is there's no anticheat for rust legacy.
  11. xBDMx

    xBDMx Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Legion along with many other servers on rust and other games pay to keep different plugins private that they like to keep players on their server. In this case that is what's going on. I, as well as others have created different anticheats already but have been paid to keep them private. Because of that they will likely not be seen on oxide unless they were totally recreated which would take a lot of effort. These plugins are available however they aren't for free and you would have to contact the person who owns the rights to it as well as the creator.
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  12. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    Would you please recommend anyone or any website which have payed anticheats?
  13. xBDMx

    xBDMx Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Copper and I both have paid anticheats.
  14. Giygas

    Giygas Naked Wanderer

    I know that there's anticheats for Rust Legacy, but are there any for Experimental?
  15. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    doesn't need to be since they already have 2 in-built anticheats which get update every week.
  16. alchemistman911

    alchemistman911 Wood Hoarder

    what is this anticheat advanced anti cheat server owners are advertising?
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    i found one for sale on a website, it says version 1.8.0 antihack... anyone know anything about this?
  17. Ryan

    Ryan Airdrop Stalker Plugin Developer

    Don't buy it, probably just a rip off from the old public one that's now unmaintained because of how shit it was.
  18. alchemistman911

    alchemistman911 Wood Hoarder

    helli am sort of new to the whole rust server and oxide codings, i am seeking a plugin like the one i see on many other servers, and to my knowledge it is a paid plugin or a modified version of the ones floating around that are discontinued or fallen off. i have checked server versions of servers running now with it and a few are running it with newest oxide and rust clients to my knowledge. there are many legacy and previous versions running too, all different. can a helpful soul please point me to this knowledge, i would like to give my players this!
  19. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    Its not needed as rust has its own anti cheat built in now
  20. alchemistman911

    alchemistman911 Wood Hoarder

    okay so say bloodbane reborn for example. it runs 1992server version, when hackers cheat everyone gets a message and can see what they did and they get banned, your telling me my server has this already friend??