1. Adriel

    Adriel Naked Wanderer

    i have wrote in the Server/rcon ip the query/server ip and the rcon ip correctly and the rcon password but it still wont connect for me
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Okay, but is the server behind a router? Have you port forwarded it? Which port do you have set?
  3. Adriel

    Adriel Naked Wanderer

    i am using a website to host the server
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    those i need to instert the server IP or my ip?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    If you are connecting a remote server, you'd need to use the IP of that server.
  5. crisis.sam

    crisis.sam Naked Wanderer

    I'm having difficulty setting admin access to my Rust server, I have read your posts on the forums and on other websites and have spent hours without any success.
    I have restarted, logged out, logged in etc and am still unable to access any admin functions such as the item box on the F1 Console.

    I have a hosted server and have the below pasted in to the Server Configuration File through the server host:-

    -batchmode +server.ip ***.***.**.** +server.port 28016 +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.seed 2189608 +server.maxplayers 100 +server.hostname "Crisis | All Welcome | London UK" ownerid 76561198351631916 "crisis.sam" "no " +server.identity "*******" +rcon.ip ***.***.**.** +rcon.port 28018 +rcon.password ******* +query_port 28017 +server.description "London UK" +server.worldsize <2000)> server.saveinterval "60"server.secure "1"crafting.timescale "0.1" +airdrop.min_players "1" +server.pvp truesleepers.on truetruth.enforce trueserver.clienttimeout "2"env.daylength "45" env.nightlength "10" falldamage.enabled true -nologs -load

    Please could you assist and let me know where I am going wrong?

    Thanks very much in advance.
  6. Canopy Sheep

    Canopy Sheep Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Remove "ownerid 76561198351631916" from your config and add it to your users.cfg

    Code (Text):

    ownerid 76561198351631916 "Name" "Reason"
  7. crisis.sam

    crisis.sam Naked Wanderer

    Sorry to sound like an idiot but I can't find my users.cfg file through FTP.
    The config I pasted was what I entered on my hosts 'server config' panel in the browser.

    Do I need to remove any other config commands that would conflict?
  8. Canopy Sheep

    Canopy Sheep Shack Builder Plugin Developer


    If it's not there, you can always create it. You can also do this with your config for easy access, instead of editing your startup line.
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    You can put these in your config (my_server_identity/cfg/server.cfg). It would make for a cleaner and easier way to edit everything in case you want to change something down the road
    Code (Text):
    server.seed "2189608"
    server.maxplayers "100"
    server.hostname "Crisis | All Welcome | London UK"
    server.description "London UK"
    server.worldsize "2000"
    server.saveinterval "60"
    server.secure "1"
    crafting.timescale "0.1"
    airdrop.min_players "1"
    server.pvp "true"
    sleepers.on "true"
    truth.enforce "true"
    server.clienttimeout "2"
    env.daylength "45"
    env.nightlength "10"
    falldamage.enabled "true"
    And this in your startup line
    Code (Text):

    -batchmode +server.ip ***.***.**.** +server.port 28016 +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.identity "*******" +rcon.ip ***.***.**.** +rcon.port 28018 +rcon.password ******* +query_port 28017 -nologs -load
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  9. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    Remove -load and +query_port 28017 from bat file no longer used
  10. Eerix

    Eerix Naked Wanderer

    Nothing works for me, i have a couple of plugins installed - 1 of them is the /SIL thing (able to paste pictures on signs). But everytime i try use it, it says "You dont have the permission to use this command!". I really need help. I cant find anything to fix this.
  11. Canopy Sheep

    Canopy Sheep Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Code (Text):
    grant group yourgrouphere signartist.*
    grant user yourusernamehere signartist.*
    Some plugins require permission granted even if you already have auth level.
  12. ///soby™

    ///soby™ Scavenger

    I need your help
    I have a server rented with Host Havoc and I get a constant error in console "F1" Invalid command kits.destroy "true"
    Invalid command kits.destroy "true"
    It turns out that when I get this error my ping goes up to 3000 ms
    It always gives me error when I'm with people or I do tpr
    If I go only for the map, it works fine for me 18 ms
    I ask tpr and I can not get up I open console and I see the errors Invalid command kits.destroy "True"
    I am not playing as server admin
    I'm playing from another account
    Thank you
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    Type oxide.grant group default SignArtist or oxide.grant group user "your steamid" SignArtist
  13. Azakarp™

    Azakarp™ Naked Wanderer

    i started a server and the server does not think i am the owner, i cannot god/tp/noclip/itemlist it says i require permission and i cannot use the "grant command"
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Please read the first post of this thread and follow all the steps, followed by logging out after then if you were logged in.
  15. Azakarp™

    Azakarp™ Naked Wanderer

    can you give me a brief description i don't understand
  16. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    1. Login to RCON or local server
    2. Run command: ownerid YOURSTEAMID
    3. Run command: server.writecfg
    4. Quit and rejoin the server
    5. Done
  17. Hurkulez

    Hurkulez Naked Wanderer

    Run Console Command:
    ownerid steamidhere ingamenamehere "No Reason"
    IE: ownerid 76561197982342838 BIGWORM "No Reason"

    run console command:

    If you do this for the first time you must relog.
    Then you should be admin.

    :: Test admin in game :: (Fly)
    Type: noclip
    Press: enter
    Use keypad: "W" "A" "S" "D" "Space Bar"

    To turn noclip off:
    Press: F1
    Type: noclip
    Press: enter

    If done in RustAdmin console, it does confirm it in the Console / console tab...
    (01:54:01) | [RCON][] ownerid 76561198107589387 BIGWORM "No Reason"
    (01:54:02) | User 76561197982342838 added as an Owner

    NOTE: This has to been done everytime the server is restarted

    :: OR ::

    goto cfg folder and find the users.cfg

    mine is located here, "..../server/serverprofile/cfg/users.cfg"
    Might be ...../server/serveridenity/cfg/users.cfg

    or something similar......

    add this line:
    Code (Text):
    ownerid steamidnumberhere "playernamehere" "No Reason"
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  18. Aspiring

    Aspiring Naked Wanderer

    Upon restarting my server, my administrative privileges have been revoked.

    Yes, I've done the ownerid command. Yes, it said I was owner. Yes, I left a rejoined.

    It worked after I rejoined, however after the server restarted, it reset, and I was no longer admin. How do I fix this? I heard there us a .cfg somewhere, but where?

    I'm using a FTP, as my server is provided by gameservers.com.
  19. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    you need to do server.writecfg in rcon after doing the ownerid command then relog
  20. Hurkulez

    Hurkulez Naked Wanderer

    Added :: OR :: comment to my previous post
    @Aspiring see my previous post
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