Better PVE/PVP implementation

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  1. Would it be possible to make at airdrops / heli crashes a small pvp area? Until the loot is looted, then the area is removed.
    For both server airdrops, as airdrops called with a supply signal.
  2. maybe like this? DynamicPVP
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much
  4. Here's my config

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  5. Maybe its an issue with TruePVE: everytime i kill an npc i get kicked: console

    "[Death Notes] was shot in the Head by Stew with a LR-300 Assault Rifle (Holosight | Weapon flashlight) from 37.88m.
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Ingame: "Disconnected: RPC Error in OnProjectileAttack"

    Thanks for any help!
  6. I suspect it is another plugin which is causing the issue - TruePVE doesn't utilize the OnProjectileAttack hook. Can you try loading/unloading individual plugins until the issue goes away? That should help narrow it down.
    Using your config, I was able to shoot down heli with no problems. What other plugins do you have? Are any plugins damage-control or heli-control? (I was also running HeliControl 1.1.7 when I tested).
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  7. did u use LootConfig? from BotSpawn FAQ:
    Q: I'm seeing RPC errors when killing bots.
    A: Issues have been reporting when using LootConfig and BotSpawn.
    Trying removing LootConfig and restarting your server.
  8. I tried to unload all mods: Without any mods I get kicked too.

    What am I missing?

    PVE is set to false > when I try to turn it on, NPC cant get killed
    all mods have been unloaded when i tried this.


    after removing LootConfig and a restart it worked.
    Is it possible to ad the lootconfig again?
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  9. i dont know i dont use LootConfig, maybe you find some posts in the LootConfig Plugin section
  10. I didn't notice a search function to find this;

    Every time I try and add any rules set other than default it kicks out errors.

    Can you show an example using correct coding syntax? What's listed on the main page hasn't been useful to solving this.

    Simply trying to make a simple PVE/PVP day night cycle between a certain range.
    1000 to 1800 is full PVE (players can't hurt buildings or such) and 1800 to 1000 is full PVP.
    How do I code that?
  11. There are lots of examples with configurations in this support thread - but you'd have to look through the pages manually (unfortunately). The simplest way to do what you want is to use exception mapping for PVP as defined in the FAQ page here (scroll to "Q: How can I make it PVE only during the day/night and PVP all other times?") The only thing you should have to change are the times to match what you want.

    Note* - If your formatting is incorrect, then the config will get reverted to default - be sure to have correct quotes, commas, and brackets!
  12. I use HeliControl as well, but that's it for damage control. It seems to have went away temporarily. Maybe it was something with my server itself! :)
  13. Weird, but glad it's working now!
  14. Good evening how are you, I come to you because I would like if possible to have help.
    I set up TruePVE but I have a small problem, the players can no longer destroy their constructions they have just built (As on a normal server).
    I would like to know if there is a line to create or if we can not change it

    Thank you very much
  15. Add AuthorizedDamage to the config
  16. If someone could help me that would be great. I read this on the front page: "also can be used to create exclusion zones (zones with default Rust behavior) by mapping to "exclude"." - So technically if I make a zone, add that zone ID to the "exclude" list in TruePVE, the base should be raidable? Problem is only the person who built it can damage the building, everyone else does nothing.. How would I make that zone raidable for everyone?
  17. okay I'm really bad at code I wanna do a pvp no raid server I loaded default cfg and it works great but now how get pvp back up unless some one knows of a easy good plug in to stop raiding please help
  18. Im getting this alot:
    | Calling hook OnEntityTakeDamage resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: AntiNoobRaid - True (Boolean), TruePVE (False (Boolean))
    | Calling hook OnEntityTakeDamage resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: SleeperAnimalProtection - True (Boolean), TruePVE (False (Boolean))
  19. Please check the FAQ page, as there's an example of setting up an exclusion zone on that page.
    If you want only to allow player-player damage, just delete the rule "players cannot hurt players" from the config.
  20. What file are these settings in? I want my authdamage to be true so people can destroy their own buildings

    [DOUBLEPOST=1519277813][/DOUBLEPOST]I found the authorizeddamage

    None = 0,
    SuicideBlocked = 1,
    AuthorizedDamage = 1 << 1,
    NoHeliDamage = 1 << 2,
    HeliDamageLocked = 1 << 3,
    NoHeliDamagePlayer = 1 << 4,
    HumanNPCDamage = 1 << 5,
    LockedBoxesImmortal = 1 << 6,
    LockedDoorsImmortal = 1 << 7,
    AdminsHurtSleepers = 1 << 8,
    ProtectedSleepers = 1 << 9,
    TrapsIgnorePlayers = 1 << 10,
    TurretsIgnorePlayers = 1 << 11,
    CupboardOwnership = 1 << 12

    Now what do i do so players can damage their own buildings?