Better PVE/PVP implementation

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  1. I tested your config and I get no errors - can you confirm the correct config is being loaded? You may need to unload TruePVE, update the config, then reload TruePVE for it to work. If it's picking up the correct config, do you know what is being damaged?
    Are you by any chance trying to allow armor to be damaged while still blocking player damage?
  2. ignignokt84 , Yes
  3. I don't think that can be done. The player damage in TruePVE is checked first, then if the player can take damage, the default Rust code runs. Armor damage is applied after TruePVE has already returned, and only if the player can take damage.
  4. with active helicopter damage, armor does not break either
  5. Do you have any plugins like NeverWear that prevent items from deteriorating (normally for weapons and picks, axes, etc)?
  6. there is nothing from plugins. deterioration in default
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  7. I'm not sure why this would happen. I threw on some armor and went against the heli without TruePVE loaded and it still didn't seem to damage my armor. Are you able to test without TruePVE?
  8. ok, I will test and write
  9. Yes, this is a problem of Rust. No damage caused by armor from the helicopter, npc..
  10. Ok, thanks for helping confirm!
  11. I'm not sure, i just get the error. once players are off my server i will reload the server again. But i shut down my server after edits so the right config is used. Will get back to you shortly
  12. Seems to be working again. weird
  13. how to add turret in an exception so she could kill the player?
  14. I'm having the same issue with the helicopter after reloading the configs.
  15. Sorry to bother you, this may have been asked above somewhere. Maybe it's nothing to do with this plugin, but I have no clue what else.
    I have a build server and it's set up with TruePvE, whoever builds something can do whatever to their building. But a friend can't upgrade anything the entity owner has placed. If it's this plugin, any chance someone could help me with changing that, or even adding a config option to the plugin.

    Thank you
  16. You can just remove AutoTurret, FlameTurret, and GunTrap from the "traps" entity group in the config. That should allow them to hurt players.
    What issue is that?
    TruePVE doesn't affect upgrading, only damage. If you have a plugin that sets cupboard permissions or access using clans/friends, then I'd assume that's the culprit.
  17. Helicopter can't be killed during PVE :(
    You need to add the Friends Plugin. Entity Owner blocks anyone except for the placer from removing, upgrading, or destroying the entity. :) That should fix it. They will both just have to do /friend add playername and that overrides it.
  18. Can you check your config and verify that there is a rule for "anything can hurt heli", and the corresponding entity group "heli" with member "BaseHelicopter"? That rule controls damage to heli from anything, and must exist for the heli to take damage. It's one of the default that gets created when the initial config is created.
  19. It does indeed have both.
  20. Hmm. Can you upload your config please?