Timed Execute

Execute commands every (x) seconds.

Total Downloads: 3,214 - First Release: May 29, 2016 - Last Update: Jun 5, 2017

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  1. and just so i'm completely clear on which version works can you tell me the version number you use please kind sir

    sry for being a pain :)

    EDIT: yey am using v1 and it's working like a charm :) thanks very much for your help Stefan, I'm so happy

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  2. How i can config this plugin to restart my server once a day in a specific time?
  3. Use RealTime-Timer
  4. Hey Pain

    I'd like to delete any base where the owner's not been on for 5 days. It'll help to get the entities down for the final week. Any ideas?


    EDIT: sorted. AutoPurge plugin does the job
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  5. What time zone is this in?
  6. What do you mean? It goes off the rust time.
  7. If a convar requires quotation marks, and apostrophes aren't working, wut do?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1473053469][/DOUBLEPOST]For example:

    (01:08:02) | FileSystem.LoadPrefab - should start with assets/ - 'assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab'
    (01:08:02) | [BUNDLE] Not found: 'assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab'
    (01:08:02) | Couldn't find prefab "'assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab'"
    (01:08:02) | [Oxide] 01:08 [Info] [Timed Execute] ran CMD: entity.create || ARGS: 'assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab'
  8. Show me your config.
  9. I mean if I use it in Hurtworld. What time zone does the "real time" values go by? Would it be my server host's time or what? My friend told me his is 6 hours off of his actual time and I just started using it so I wanted to know which time the real time values go by
  10. It's server host's time.
  11. Code:
    "EnabledRealTime-Timer": false,
    "EnableTimerOnce": false,
    "EnableTimerRepeat": true,
    "RealTime-Timer": {},
    "TimerOnce": {},
    "TimerRepeat": {
        "entity.create 'assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab'": 6300
  12. remove the ' ' from the asset path
  13. Then this happens

    (12:42:33) | [BUNDLE] Not found: assets/prefabs/npc/patrol
    (12:42:33) | Couldn't find prefab "assets/prefabs/npc/patrol"
  14. Try downloading the 0.2 version for now and tell me if it works
    Not sure if it works but give it a try.
  15. Negative, same error as the first time.
  16. Please add a timer for game time.
  17. Will do
  18. Okay, I'll wait.
  19. Will the way I did this work for hurtworld?

    "EnabledRealTime-Timer": true,
    "EnableTimerOnce": false,
    "EnableTimerRepeat": false,
    "RealTime-Timer": {
    "07:00:00": "playerlootmode 1",
    "07:00:30": "say INFAMY DISABLED FOR 2 HOURS",
    "09:00:00": "playerlootmode 2",
    "09:00:30": "say INFAMY RE-ENABLED",
    "19:00:00": "playerlootmode 1",
    "19:00:30": "say INFAMY DISABLED FOR 2 HOURS",
    "19:00:00": "playerlootmode 2",
    "19:00:30": "say INFAMY RE-ENABLED"
    "TimerOnce": {
    "command1 'msg'": 60,
    "command2 'msg'": 120,
    "command3 arg": 180,
    "command4 arg": 181
    "TimerRepeat": {
    "command1 arg": 300,
    "command2 'msg'": 300
  20. Should work but you dont need to have 30 secs delay between the command and the message you can set it to 05 or 03.