Timed Execute

Execute commands every (x) seconds.

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  1. the fact is there is NO help, not in a single line dude!
    thats why i asking WHY

    he just did a config out of mine which is totally crap and useless at least for me.
    so no, he wasn't helping me and if he read my post, he would know, that it doesn't has anything to do with my config, but with an rust ingame and plugin "communication?" problem about the ingame timer
  2. You wont get my help any more so don't worry even replying to this an if you knew anything about how this plugin works and command you would see that my fixes are good but you wont need to worry about that any more welcome to my banned list
  3. your fix is NOT good dude!
    your fix is just a copy of another "fixed" config which u posted here and just paste some of my things. rest is just a takeover from the other config dude!
    your "fix" does NOT fix my issue!
    you didn't at least read my post, there is no single solution in this "fixed" config.

    so yes, pls put me on your ban list because i don't need any help which is no help, ok?
    thank you!

    btw: i know this plugin and i know the commands!
    so if you would know anything, you would see that you are talking b...sh..!
    just take the fact as it is!
  4. All fixes are from me are from fixes I done for others its my original work I have fixed many members json files and never had someone so rude and disrespectful when someone gave them help now please do not reply any more to me
  5. still: you was NO help for me so don't tell me you helped me dude? i don't get it!

    i am not disrespectful, i was just asking you WHY you did all these "fixes" which are no fixes and just are less than my original config PLUS the fact, that i didn't have any error in my config....
    you STILL didn't read my post with my question....
    you can't explain and so you judge me for asking you?

    ok :D

    i just need an answer from the author of this plugin because there is some error more deeper in the system!
  6. Hello! Hope this is a easy one, i updated the plugin to the june 5th update. now while using helicontrol my repeat timer doesnt work any more.
    here is my config:
      "EnableInGameTime-Timer": false,
      "EnableRealTime-Timer": false,
      "EnableTimerOnce": false,
      "EnableTimerRepeat": true,
      "InGameTime-Timer": {
        "01:00": "weather rain",
        "12:00": "command 1",
        "15:00": "command 2"
      "RealTime-Timer": {
        "16:00:00": "command1 arg",
        "16:30:00": "command2 arg",
        "17:00:00": "command3 arg",
        "18:00:00": "command4 arg"
      "TimerOnce": {
        "command1 'msg'": 60,
        "command2 'msg'": 120,
        "command3 arg": 180,
        "reset.timeronce": 181
      "TimerRepeat": {
        "callheli": 300
    When ran my console shows this:

    (15:34:15) | Command '' not found
    (15:34:16) | [Timed Execute] ran CMD:
    Has anyone had this issue. I'm trying to get heli to work since i'm using the voteday plugin and it screws with the heli timer.. of course when it works i will update the timer to 3 hrs.

  7. try "heli.call"
  8. Hello
    Someone else the problem with the "realtime timer"
    this is the trigger
    "17:45:00": "say Server Restart in 15 min.",
    but it posted at ~17:35.. every realtime timer are ~10min to early
    how can this happend?
  9. maybe the machine time is not sync

    i have this same from a hosting server
  10. sometimes for me its like 30 seconds to late or too early etc. don't know why this happens.

    simple workaround when its always exactly the same time too late or too early:
    just put the command time earlier or later, you know what i mean? ;)
  11. It was the Server Provider, they fixed the server time, all running now :) thx
  12. Small issue. I have this plugin set to only restart my server at 4am every morning. But, it actually just closes the server & nothing happens??
  13. are u using a batfile with a loop on it ?

    @echo off
    echo Starting server...RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -nographics ^
    blah blah blah goes here ...............echo.
    echo Restarting server...
    timeout /t 10
    goto start
  14. I run the server via Rust Server manager. But I do have the bat file linked in the startup, should the server pc reboot itself after a windows update that seems to be the norm with win 10.

    I presume the 10 is in seconds or is it hours?
  15. seconds
  16. Well, it doesn't work. The timeout doesn't even register when put in the server launch bat file. Tested this with the most primative set of settings & it doesn't seem to continue to the end of the bat script. Doesn't even echo any messages. As soon as it executes RustDedicated.exe, that's it for the function of the bat script apart from server parameters.
  17. works fine for me but i run my server from my home computer.
  18. Good evening. Do you know where I can find the "Time Execute" plugin? . Or do you know where I could find another that can replace it? Thank you
  19. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Overview > download
  20. Thank you @Wulf. I do not understand why I did not find it with "search"

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