SkipNight UI

A UI skip night plugin with completely customisable interfaces

Total Downloads: 10,015 - First Release: Jun 6, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 9, 2017

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  1. the UI is no longer displayed correctly ... it somehow lacks the images ... reload and reload the Image Library does not help ... have lately in general problems with the pictures synonymous in other plugins ... someone has a solution?
  2. You need to install (ImageLibrary for Rust | Oxide) first and than Skipnight... just do that and it will work

    Skipnight is using images and ImageLibrary will store these images on load
  3. Yes i know, but it does not say this on the Skipnight page or when downloading it that you need Image Library first does it.
    I am saying maybe the should put on the skipnight page that you need Image Library first, so ppl do not get frustrated when it does not work until you go threw the forums or such and find out you need another plugin first lol
  4. So I have a rented server from a company, and I uploaded this and I don't know how to make it work ingame.
  5. hi for some reason it wont work on my server i have put it in the plugins file but it wont work
  6. It dont open a voting at 18 hours. When I try write /voteday open its answer me unknown command: voteday what is bad?
  7. Hello,
    I am having issues with one of the plugins i have loaded from the preset oxide options. The skip-night plugin was working up until the reset Rust server version 2086/Compound update).

    I have searched the plugins forum but come up with no answers. I have deleted and reloaded it also. The server recognizes the commands but does nothing about them. I have attached a few pictures with the config files set to default, the console showing the 1800 vote start time passing. Also a short video showing the chat commands not working. Notice when i set the time to 2000 it becomes morning? could their be an issue with the times of the server and the mod not syncing. How would i trouble shoot or sort issues like this?

    Thanks Aaron

    Config file skip day.png
    Console times.png
  8. Can anyone send me the config for green progressbar?
  9. Im getting disconnected because a RPC problem thing, removed this plugin and everything works fine
  10. SkipNightUI indeed requires an update after yesterday's Puzzle Patch. It crashes the server the moment the event is triggered for voting (all players are kicked with error (RPC Error in AddUI).

    After removing this plugin, server runs good again.
  11. any new info, have same error (RPC Error)
  12. The vote closes way before the timer should end it!
  13. all players getting kicked when the GUI appears: RPC Error in AddUI
  14. After today's update the image in the UI does not load properly...
  15. Hi. How can I change the command /voteday to just /day?
    I found nothing in the config.