SkipNight UI

A UI skip night plugin with completely customisable interfaces

Total Downloads: 10,015 - First Release: Jun 6, 2017 - Last Update: Jul 9, 2017

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  1. Code:
    reload SkipNightUI
    Loaded plugin SkipNightUI v0.1.1 by k1lly0u
    [SkipNightUI] Image Library is not installed. It is required to load the images. Unable to continue!
    Unloaded plugin SkipNightUI v0.1.1 by k1lly0u
    keep getting this is panel not sure what needs to be put in place for this not much is on the main page please help
  2. How do I set the skipnightui.admin permission?
  3. grant group admin skipnightui.admin
    (Using the Oxide permission system | Oxide)

    You MUST have ImageLibrary for Rust | Oxide (Image Library) installed beforehand for this plugin to work ;)
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  5. Then the plugin is not loading.
  6. Where's the config file for SkipNight UI located?
  7. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

  8. It's running on the server, but the config file isn't in the oxide/config folder.

    link to image
  9. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Check to see if the plugin is loaded and having any errors.
  10. It's loaded, and there doesn't appear to be any issues: Image link

    However, I'm having issues with the NightLantern plugin on startup: Image link
  11. does anybody know if this plugin may interfere with airdrops and helis? they arent spawning on my server at all, and i read in a thread that Skipnightvote plugin did interfere. I know its a different plugin but... i dunno... i'm getting quite desperate

    i opened a thread HERE just in case anybody wants to now what plugins I'm running on my server.

    thx 4 any help boys
  12. Get a chance to look at this yet? :)
  13. An update: My host didn't load the json file to the correct folder - all is well
  14. k1lly0u updated SkipNight UI with a new update entry:


  15. Hi !

    I've a problem with the plugin SkipNightUI

    I translate this plugin in FR and i only see EN messages

    Other plugin works fine, can you see to fix it please or tell me how to fix ?


    Fixed: server need reboot to translate... ^^' but other don't need it :p
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  16. at me the plugin dont load ..
    [07/28/2017 20:33:11] Loaded plugin SkipNightUI v0.1.2 by k1lly0u
    [07/28/2017 20:33:11] Unloaded plugin SkipNightUI v0.1.2 by k1lly0u
    edit:have seen need a second plugin to work
  17. how do i add the image to the file. i am using filezilla
  18. Code:
    disconnecting: RPC Error in AddUI
    Everyone got kicked.
  19. had the same thing, was related to recently updated Imagelibrary. Go back to previous version of ImageLibrary and issue is resolved
  20. thank you for the hint
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