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  2. i did dude! i even downloaded it from the link i posted here on the page to my home PC, then deleted the wget one by FTP, and reuploaded the one from my PC so i can be certain, and run the unzip command manually! come see result if you like
  3. hello, is there an oxide update? because the v2 servers its update and oxide no
  4. "Error too many comps for update....... 8"
    Spam in Console, that did after restart + Now all items are invisible and all vehicles. Needed restart? why?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1521318956][/DOUBLEPOST]Needed wipe*
  5. Hello,

    I downloaded and uploaded all files of the oxide plugin to my hurtworld server,
    but the server won't start. Is there any way to run a itemv2 server with oxide?
    Looks like many servers are running with itemv2 and oxide?

    Best regards,



    Well, I found a itemv2 oxide version, but where do I find plugins for the itemv2 version?
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    Most plugins are not updated for the itemv2 branch; any you find would be from sketchy sites or people selling them (discouraged).
  7. And why are so many oxide itemv2 servers online with plugins? Like kits, lootconfig, etc?
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    They've updated privately or paid for updates.
  9. @Wulf Oxide is already updated for 5.4.0?
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    It's available as a development build on AppVeyor, but no "release" built yet as I had a question for the Hurtworld devs that I'm awaiting a response for.
  11. Thanks
  12. I can't start server, this error:

    ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.
    Size overflow in allocator.

    any, help? @Wulf

    ps: I'm trying to start the server on my machine.
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    Check your logs for the full error.
  14. @Wulf i have some questions, I am grateful if you can answer:
    1 - Is there any simple way to remove C4 from the game?
    2- How is meteor working now? I noticed that the event started alone and I could not find where to configure it
    3 - Any more specific way to configure gather?

    Thanks if you can help.
  15. 1 - Yes you can block use of C4 with plugin.
    2 - Meteors are randomly falling around the map and spawn bigger loot nodes with iron,titranium,mondinium and ultranium.
    3 - Oxide plugins will be updated for both versions when Itemv2 will be officialy launched (Tho Wulf were working on few plugins lately).
  16. forecast for officially launching v2?
  17. Actually no one knows. Check their devblogs and you will get an idea how much left till release, they mentioned few times their work plan for Itemv2
  18. error CS0246: The type or namespace name `EEmoteType' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    @Wulf or any
    Could tell me how to correct this error?
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    You'd need to find the replacement for that. If you are getting the error with a public plugin, I'd suggest making sure you're updated else report it in the plugin's thread.