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  1. hey ppls i installed it and changed nuthing but i as admin can claim but my players not do i have to set something ?
  2. You forgot to gave players permission. EasyVote.Use
  3. how i do that ? =) sorry imy first rust server and it looks all a bit complicated to set up xD
    [DOUBLEPOST=1516546877][/DOUBLEPOST]do i have to set it 4 all players specific or one command 4 all players and new ones ?
  4. Using the Oxide permission system <- its okay :)
  5. haha i rly dont have a clue about the oxide permission system
    [DOUBLEPOST=1516548507][/DOUBLEPOST]maybe you can help me with this ? =)
  6. To assign a permission, use grant user <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use revoke user <name or steam id> <permission>.

    Same goes for groups -> oxide.grant group "groupname" <permission>
  7. oxide.grant group default "easyvote" i tryd this and this was the answer Permission 'easy vote' doesn't exist
    i also tryd without the apostrophe maybe you can post the right command line i have to set ? that all the players are granted the acces to easyvote ?
  8. its "EasyVote.Use" not just easyvote
    oxide.grant group default "EasyVote.Use"
  9. thx a lot buddy =)
  10. hello, is there a way to give the players a random item from a small item list?
  11. Not yet, but that would be super cool feature actually. Thanks
  12. Jeah Ralf3, this feature is an:

    !must have!

    btw: is it Posible, that the server Checks if player has voting or not-?
    i Mean:

    -Check fia Admin Command (Rcon Triggered),
    - when player has voted give them the Reward instand without any commands!

    User Friendly 1+ :D
  13. No language line for /claim command and info shown inside : /
  14. "info shown inside" What you mean by that?
    What language line are you missing?
  15. When you input /claim and the info shows up AFTER websites are checked for voting. Like where it says "Checking 'votingweb' status: already claimed?" Could not find this line in lang file, but all good now, translated inside plugin for now, well atleast until new version, hehe :D

    EDIT: Talking about these lines:
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  16. Hey all,

    I have seen that its possible to vote for more then just 1 server so that the players get 3 rewards, but how?
    Actually im using EasyVoter and its not possible (for me ) to add multiple api-keys :/

    Hopefully someone can help me.

    Thanks and have a good day!
  17. is it possible, to show in GlobalChatAnnouncments what player have become?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1517912985][/DOUBLEPOST]how to resett the voting counter of all players?
  18. Remove EasyVote.json file from oxide/data folder. Then reload plugin.
  19. ok thanks!
    And that?