1. Hi people.
    For creating GUI i usually do something like this:
     var GUIElementn = new CuiElementContainer();
                var GUIBackgroundn = GUIElementn.Add(new CuiPanel
                    Image =
                            Color = "0 0 0 0.40"
                    RectTransform =
                            AnchorMin = "0.35 0.963",
                            AnchorMax = "0.865 0.990"
                    CursorEnabled = false
                }, "Hud", "GUIBackgroundMensajes");
                CuiHelper.AddUi(player, GUIElementn);
    But seems to be outdated with this update
    Is there any chances on the GUI?
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    The CUI is not outdated, it just doesn't work right now until it is fixed in Rust.
  3. Thanks Wolf!
  4. Same here, none of my UIs is working.
  5. sNT


    Hey UIs doesnt seem to work?

    If this is rust related, can i get a link where i can get the latest about when it gets fixed and theres an update avalible?
  6. new update broke all my custom GUI's what to change in code to get it to work no console error only GUI not work

  7. There's no parent for Overlay and Hud anymore.
  8. So there is no longer a parent to give any of our CUI?
  9. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Overall, Overlay, Hud, Hud.Menu, Hud.Under are the old ones, not sure if any work.
  10. Yeah none of them work D:
  11. they dont work some menu
  12. when I open rcon after new updates, some plugins such as infopanel say
    AddUi: parent "clock not found" along with aton of other stuff, the plugin is not the issue I think
  13. yeah, same here.

    deathnotes for new AI system
    server rewards
  14. they are all working just the ui isnt showing
  15. so they are not working...
  16. No... they are working.
  17. well its a rust issue not plugin
  18. well I cant see ui, so...? is there a fix
  19. same problem
  20. Guys Girls lets keep it clear for now Plugins using a GUI/UI Menu or what you call it are not working cuz rust disabled or forgot to add the UI elements to the new update your plugin works fine you just dont see the boxes just follow rust news for a solution.